Who and what is Firewolf?

Existence before birth

The western society teaches children, that the physical body is everything. Your existence starts with the conception or with your birth and it ends when you exhale your last breath. If you have a different opinion, your are considered 'weird', to say the least.

In christian believe there is some room for the soul. There is not a doctrine for an existence of the soul before the birth of the physical body. When your body dies, your soul can go to heaven of hell.

My believe is different. In fact I should speak about my 'knowledge' and not about my 'believe', for I remember my existence before the birth of my physical body. I know! But for people who read this, my knowledge is for the reader something to believe or reject. If you have no clear memory of your existence before the birth of your physical body, I advise you to doubt this existence. I do not recommend blind faith. Reserve your judgment until you have enough evidence. And with 'evidence' I do not mean 'scientific evidence', but 'personal evidence', which is based upon personal experience, personal memory. From scientific point of view, personal evidence is not acceptable and personal memory is not reliable. There are scientific facts that we are able to produce 'memories' about things that never really happened. At least not in our common space-time-continuum. But from the personal point of view, your personal memories and your personal experience is all you have. There is nothing else. 'Science' as you know it and remember it, is only something in your mind, it is made up of your personal memories. Without your personal memory, there is no 'science'.

My personal memories

According to my personal memories, I am old. Once I wrote a poem beginning with:

When the earth was young,
and I was not yet old ...

I am much older than planet earth. In fact I remember how I survived the collapse of a previous galaxy and the birth of this galaxy. I have no clear memories of that previous galaxy.

I have been on this earth for millions of years. I have seen the birth of humanity and I have stimulated the evolution of mankind. I also stimulated the evolution of several other species (primates and other). Most of our efforts were in vain.

The past 800.000 years I have incarnated again and again in several races and even other species of mankind. With 'race' I do not mean black, white, yellow people of the current human race. I do not make a distinction between these so-called 'races'. All people outside Africa are of the same race, have the same genes and have only minor variations in skin-color. In Africa there are some tribes who can be called other races, like the mbuti, the san and the maasai. The people outside of Africa all originated from one tribe that left Africa about 65000 years ago. (Give or take 10.000 years.)

When I say that I incarnated in other species than the current mankind, I mean species like homo erectus and homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

Incarnation means 'going in the flesh'

When I incarnate, my soul produces a new physical body. Many people believe that the soul is in the body, but I see it different. My soul or more accurate my spiritual body produces a physical body, which is in the spiritual body. The body is in the soul and not the soul in the body. (Or as Aleister Crowley wrote in Liber Al vel Legis: The khabs is in the khu and not the khu in the khabs.) My soul is very old and it produces again and again a physical body as an instrument to work on the physical plane.

Many people who believe in the soul seem to think that the soul is immortal. According to what I see, the soul is very mortal. Your soul can get sick, it can evolve, it can grow and it can die. And it is quite doubtful that everyone has a soul. Many people seem to me to be without soul. They are just apes and do not have the human capacities that come with the soul. To become human, they need 'a software upgrade'. According to the teachings of Gurdjieff, a person can develop a soul during the course of his/her life. Jesus said: 'If you have (a soul) you can receive, if you have not, what you have will be taken away (your life). According to what I observed: If you have no soul, you will never develop a soul. If you have only the seed of a soul, you can develop your soul by conscious effort. If you have a soul, it can be damaged, it can get sick. But also it can heal, grow, evolve. And your soul can die.

'Adult' souls can 'mate' a bit like insects do and can 'lay an egg' in a physical body. Most of the time this 'egg' will be laid in a human, dolphin or other animal with a large brain. Not all souls can do this. Most souls don't have the capacity to reproduce. It takes a very long time for a soul to develop this capacity. When this new soul develops enough in its first incarnation on earth it can survive the death of the physical body and then it can incarnate again and again in the physical plane. For young souls it is important to find a reliable spiritual teacher who can help them to develop themselves, so that they can learn how to survive after the death of the physical body.

Do you have a soul?
Is it healthy?

People who have no soul or have a diseased soul, mock teachings like this. People with a healthy soul will take heed of the following words: Take good care of your soul. Do not chase physical benefits (money, sex, esteem, power, etc.) when this is detrimental for your soul. Develop your soul with spiritual exercises. You do body-building with health-food and exercises for the physical body. You do soul-building with prana-yama (conscious breathing) and exercises for the spiritual body. The spiritual body is your soul.

My soul is quite old, but some part of me is much older. It is not my soul that survived the collapse of a previous galaxy. There is something which is called 'atman' or 'monad'. This part of me is much older. But I will not write much about it, because it is not easy to understand for most people. You should experience that part, not read about it.

Illness of the soul and rejuvenation

About 8.000 years ago my soul became ill. The illness had something to do with women and with boredom. When you incarnate once or twice each century and you do that for 800.000 years, you count a lot of incarnations. Much more than I care to remember. Since evolution on the physical plane is slow, it is quite difficult to keep up your motivation. When you see people making the same mistakes over and over again, you can become bored. That happened to me about 8.000 years ago.

The past 8.000 years have not been very good. Occasionally I had an incarnation in which I almost reached the level of 8.000 years ago. But most incarnations were just 'staying alive'. And often I was killed for saying things that were not acceptable at that time.

In the past 8.000 years this planet has gone through a very bad episode of its evolution. Now this planet is changing. And at the same time I healed myself. In my current incarnation I have reached a level that surpasses the level I had 8.000 years ago. In fact, I am better than ever before. I did go through a cycle of dying and rejuvenation of the soul.

From the viewpoint of my soul, my soul became bored and disappointed and experienced a sickness lasting 8.000 years. From the viewpoint of Atman it was a different story. My Atman spun itself in a cocoon of light and magnetism and withdrew from the world to transform itself. At 21 November 1992 my Atman completed its transformation-cycle and broke out of this cocoon. Then I started to rejuvenate my soul and my Atman. I pruned my Atman, like a gardener can prune a tree, cutting away useless memories. Slowly I rebuild my spiritual body and my physical appearance.

8.000 Years ago my name was Icewolf (or HrmVtnr). I had frozen my heart to survive the 8.000 year period of decay. Some people can predict a period of decay for the whole earth like most people can predict the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter. It is hard to predict exactly how cold a winter will be, but is is quite easy to predict winter between December and March in the northern regions of earth. In the same way it is quite easy to predict a period of decay for earth, like we have had the past 8.000 years. And it is quite easy to predict a period of rejuvenation for earth in the coming 12.000 years.

Freezing my heart was a strategy to protect myself against the harsh climate on earth during the past 8.000 years. But in the new period one can start to open up to light and love.

In the current incarnation I again got the name Icewolf, to remember and transform the past 8.000 years. During this process I developed a new way of teaching people in spiritual development. While I did this, I transformed my body and soul. I melted myself and got my new name: Firewolf.

A new system of spiritual development

What do you understand by the word 'meditation'? What do you think meditation is? Do you think meditation is:

  • Sitting without any movement with your eyes closed and without any thought?
  • Sitting without movement and concentrating on your breath?
  • Repeating a word or phrase (or mantra) with your eyes closed?

These are three forms of meditation, which are very old. But there are also other forms of meditation, which are quite different.

When a shaman dances he or she can visualize that he climbs the tree of life (or the tree-of-worlds) and meets certain deities. This is also a form of meditation.

Modern people go into alpha and that is also a form of meditation. You can close your eyes and visualize certain things or certain situations. Or your can imagine what happened the previous day. When you do that, 'you go into alpha', a state of relaxation and meditation.

There are many ways to go into alpha. And there are many things you can do in the alpha-state.

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With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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