Who and what is Firewolf?

TRANCE-FORMATION is a special form of meditation

It combines the alpha-state (and sometimes the theta-state) to do mind-building, soul-building and upbringing of your emotional being, your sexual being and your physical being.

TRANCE-FORMATION is a high-tech form of meditation.

TRANCE-FORMATIONS come on a CD. In the near future they will be available as mp3's on the internet. A TRANCE-FORMATION has a very complex background-sound with many differential beats (or bin-aural beats) ranging from 20 to 20.000 Hz. But the main thing is 'the story' on the foreground. While you listen to a TRANCE-FORMATION, you visualize and experience a myth, which changes your mind, your soul and your emotional being. There are special TRANCE-FORMATIONS to change and exercise your sexual being.

We shape our world with myths

With TRANCE-FORMATION you can change your personal mythology. In this way you change yourself, your view of the world and your relations with the world.

The christian mythology is dominated by terrible myths. First of all there is the myth of Adam and Eve, cast out of paradise and a terrible god that curses them. Then you have the myth of Jesus, who had to die at the cross just because god desired this. Because of this myths, Christianity is build on suffering and on the worship of suffering. And of course there is the child-like attitude from christian people towards god. It is quite hard for a christian to become an adult.

Teuton mythology is quite different. Once there was the ice-giant Ymir. He was a terrible ruler. Odinn, Vilir and Ve had enough of him and they killed him. From his body they created the heaven and the earth. One can see this myth as an uprising against the previous ruler, as an uprising against the father. If you put this myth in your brain, you get a different attitude towards 'god'. If god is a tyrant, you simply kill him and you create a new heaven and a new earth out of his remains. You are no longer a child towards god but an equal. And if your god doesn't serve you right, you replace him. Or her. Or it. Just like you replace politicians that do not serve you.

In Star Trek Deepspace nine, the Klingon Worf says: "Our gods were to much of a nuisance. We slew them a thousand years ago!

In Christianity you have the myth of Lucifer, an angel that rebelled against god. But the rebel was destroyed. This myth keeps the Christian people child-like. Christians should revive Lucifer and Lucifer should burn the old god and seize power. Then Lucifer becomes the new god.

The map is not the land

Alfred Korzybski, the founder of the nul-a philosophy, stated: the map is not the land. According to Non-Aristotelian philosophy and General Semantics, one can say the following about sanity.

If our map of the world is in structure identical to "the real world", we are sane. The more structural differences there are between our inner map and "the real world", the more insane we are. It is impossible to have an inner map that is in structure completely identical to "the real world". So we are not completely sane. Our objective should be to make our inner map of the world tot the exact likeness of the real world. In doing so, we become more sane. We sanitize our mind.

You should make a distinction between your image of god and the conscious creational force that created the universe, if there is such a consciousness. When I say: 'You should kill your god', I don't mean that you should kill the creator of the universe, if there is such a creator. I simply mean, that you should destroy your image of god. Within your mind, your god can appear as a living being. You can destroy that living being and create a new image.

Creation and destruction are one and the same process. Creation of something new is often quite violent, because it destroys something old. If you build a house from wood, you are also a tree-killer, since the wood comes from killed trees. If you build a new view of the world, you also destroy the old view. This is what the ancient teutons meant with Ragnarokkr (Ragnarøkkr). In the Ragnarokkr-myth all the old gods are killed. Then a new earth rises up out of the primordial sea (your unconscious mind) with new gods.

Ordinary people inherit their view of the world and their god or gods from their parents and educators. When you TRANCE-FORM yourself, you destroy all these images and you create new images. While you do this, you go deeper and deeper in your self until you reach the core of your being. And you TRANCE-FORM your core. That is what TRANCE-FORMATION is: TRANCE-FORMING yourself completely in a state of meditation.


You can grow, evolve

In the previous century neurologists believed that the brain was quite static and that you can not change your brain. Now (2007) neurologists envision the brain as changeable. If you stop using a function, the number of neurons involved with that function diminish. If you learn something new, new neural pathways are created in your brain.

When you do at least one TRANCE-FORMATION each day, you exercise your brain in a specific manner. You create neural pathways through the brain that represent a positive attitude towards life, a positive mythology and positive behaviour.

In the dutch language there are over 300 TRANCE-FORMATIONS on about 200 CD's. In the coming years I will translate these into the English language. This is my gift to the world and to humanity. With these TRANCE-FORMATIONS you can liberate yourself and become a better person.

Who and what is Firewolf?

Firewolf is the personality I created for this period of evolution of earth. Firewolf is my instrument to work on the physical, the sensual, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual plane.

My current body was born in 1961. In 1974, when my body was 12 years old, I started taking Mazdaznan-courses. Mazdaznan is something like Persian yoga. When my body was just 13, I became a member of a secret order. In this order I received training in magic, alchemy, mythology, religion, psychology, yoga and a lot more. In 1979 I followed a course Silva Mind Control, in 1980 and 1981 I followed advanced seminars from Silva Mind Control in London. From 1980 I began to build my own system. I created a mind-machine with LEDs, an oscillator and electrical stimulation (TENS) and started to make my own tapes for training of the mind.

In 1988 I began teaching and educating people in shamanism, yoga and development of the mind and soul. I teach people mind-building and soul-building, like other people teach body-building. When you practice mind-building and soul-building, you can cope with difficult situations much better than people who do not develop their mind and soul. When your physical body dies, it is difficult for people who did not develop their mind and soul. If you have practiced mind-building and soul-building for many years, it is quite easy to emigrate to the next world.

Since 1974 I have devoted my live to meditation and yoga. I spend a few hours each day on TRANCE-FORMATION and prana-yama.

Yggdrasil®, a shamanic training

Between 1980 and 1988 I studied the Teuton mythology and magic in depth. Due to the propaganda of the Christians, the Teuton culture is considered backwards. Archaeological founds have proved, that the Teutons had an advanced culture. After studying the Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda and many other Teuton literature I was able to construct a new world-tree (or tree-of-life) based on ancient myths. This world-tree is also a map of our unconscious mind. The whole system is a system for shamanic-training. When you go through this training, it alters the core of your being. It goes much deeper than common psychology, because it uses mythological language and not mental language. Mythological language can alter your emotional and sensual being, which are much deeper layers of your mind. Your mental being and your ego are only thin layers on your emotional self. Your emotional self is a layer around your sensual self.

This new system of shamanic training is called Yggdrasil® It is a training in 12 parts, each part has eight TRANCE-FORMATIONS on 4 CD's. The whole training has 96 TRANCE-FORMATIONS of about 35 minutes each. They come on 48 CD's.


The 12 parts are closely related with the nine chakras. Yes, nine chakras, not seven. Three chakras have a left side and a right side.

The first part starts with the rootchakra and the physical body. The twelfth part is about the crownchakra and the cosmic body. With every part you enter another level of consciousness. And with the TRANCE-FORMATIONS of that part, you alter your personal mythology of that level of consciousness.

Yggdrasil® is only for very heroic people. You will descend in your self, you tear away everything that obscures your knowledge of yourself. You go down to your core, to the center of your being. And you TRANCE-FORM the core of your being.

Yggdrasil® is a spiritual path for true warriors, not for sissies. Many times you slay yourself. In the first part you live through the myth of Ymir. You witness the creation of the universe out of ice and fire. You rise up against Ymir and you slay him. Then you create a new earth and a new sky out of his remains. And you hunt Yggr, the one who guards the world-tree. You slay him and eat his heart. Yggr represents your 'lower self', the one who keeps you down. When you eat his heart, you take his power and you integrate him within yourself. After you have eaten the heart of your lower self you can climb the world-tree and become a true shaman.

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With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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