Aura-cleansing by Andreas Firewolf

Purification and smudging of the aura in shamanistic fashion

With an aura-cleansing Andreas Firewolf wipes your aura clean and purifies your carmic body with a feather, magical chanting, sage and his power. Firewolf meditates since 1974 and has developed an enormous power.

Your aura and chakras can be cleansed during an aura-cleansing. Depressions, fears and anxieties diminish and you get more energy.

If you want to make an appointment for na aura-cleansing or an initiation, you can use the form below.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf

I do not participate with anti-social media

I do not participate with facebook, twitter and that kind of garbage because of the privacy-violations and the anti-sociale behaviour of this anti-social media. Anti-social media stimulate autistic and narcissistic behaviour.


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