Spiritual Materialism pollutes the astral worlds


What are the astral worlds?

There are a number of spheres around the earth. Some distinguish six spheres, with the earth seven. Others, including myself, assume eight spheres, including the earth nine.

These nine spheres are divided into groups:

  • The physical sphere, the physical earth;

  • The lower astral spheres;

  • The higher astral spheres;

  • The Monadic Sphere;

  • The creative light (the cosmic sphere).


What is materialism?

Materialism is the attachment to matter. If you find it difficult to part with your possessions, if you are stingy or greedy, then you are materialistic.

But the attachment to social status is also materialistic. If you subordinate your spiritual development to your social status, you are materialistic. If you suppress your spirituality because you fear that fellow humans will reject you, you are materialistic. And not spiritually.

Materialism is also the indifference to the consequences of possessiveness and greed. Our cars, plasma TV, flying holidays, etc. ensure that Mother Earth is becoming increasingly sick. Yet we continue to consume and pollute. This indifference is an aspect of egoism and materialism.


Consequences of materialism for Mother Earth

Our seas and oceans are poisoned. In the Pacific, there is an area the size of France that is completely covered in plastic waste. Everywhere on the land there is waste and junk, sometimes heavy toxic waste. The rich countries export highly toxic waste to Africa and other poor areas. All over the world, forests are being cut down at a rapid pace to make way for soy farms and palm oil plantations. The soy is fed to livestock, so that burgers are made from it. The palm oil is used as fuel, because we have been told that we are working green when our car runs on palm oil. What do we care if the habitat of orangutans is destroyed as a result?

The result of all this is that our climate is increasingly disrupted. One disaster after another comes upon us because we have disturbed the balance. Many plant and animal species have become extinct in recent years. Many more are in danger of extinction.


What is Spiritual Materialism?

Materialism is the attachment to possessions, status or wealth. Spiritual materialism is the attachment to spiritual status, attachment to a particular belief. Thoughts like: "My Jesus is better than your Mohammed!" (Or vice versa.) "I belong to the chosen people and you are Goi!" (Goi, Go'im, or scum is the term Orthodox Jews use for anything not Jewish.) The latter doesn't just apply to the Jews. Christians have a similar attitude toward pagans. Atheists often have such an attitude towards anyone who has a faith.


The idea that you are higher because you have a certain faith, or follow a certain spiritual teaching, is an expression of spiritual materialism. You are then attached to your spiritual status. This attachment slows you down in your development and is harmful.

Spiritual materialism is also the use of spiritual means to achieve selfish earthly goals. For example, you want to own a nice house. You can work hard for that, that's just materialism. Instead of working hard for that, you demand from 'God' the lotto numbers of the upcoming draw. Or you visualize that the main prize will fall on your lottery ticket.


Black magic

You can visualize that you live in a beautiful house. If you work hard for that, you will harmonize spiritual and physical energy. That is good. But you can also visualize that you acquire that house, without doing anything or enough in return. You then send energy into the astral worlds to get your way. At best, your plan will fail and little will happen. (But what happens to the energy you send out???) If things go wrong, you get what you asked for. How is this different from black magic?

Suppose you visualize a great house, way above your budget, and you get it for a dump price. Perhaps because the previous owner became ill and was forced to sell. Or because a seller can't get rid of it, because you block the sale with your visualizations. How much damage do you do then?


Spiritual status

Many people want to be admired. People long for status, prestige, honor, admiration, fans. You can then become a top athlete, or a movie star, or a pop star through hard work. After endless toil, you might win a medal at the Olympics or become world champion. That is materialism, but it cannot do much harm. For many young people it is good, they learn self-discipline, set goals and realize them.

If all that is too much work, you can take an alternative course. After that, you can establish yourself as an alternative therapist or psychic healer. It is not for nothing that 'healing' is so popular. You can gain status without too much effort. At least that was possible in the past. Spiritual healing has been so discredited by swindlers in recent years, that it does not raise status but suspicion.



Channeling is very easy. You learn to tap into your fantasy and you get the most fantastic messages from alien masters, who come from distant galaxies to tell us how we should live here. And you are their messenger. Amazing, right? People who wonder if those "masters" couldn't get a better messenger are nasty, cynical people. Ain't that the truth?

Channeling and psychic healing works through the astal worlds. If you do this wrong or out of lust for status, prestige, power or money, what are you doing in the astral worlds?

Is desire for money always wrong?

It is not wrong to ask for payment for spiritual healing. Wanting to help people 'for free' is usually a waste of time and energy. If people don't want to pay for it, they don't really want it. Moreover, it costs you time. This laybor time should be paid. Just like one pays the baker.



Consequences of Spiritual Materialism

The ego grows through materialism. When you use astral energy to achieve materialistic goals, the ego grows much faster. The growth of your spiritual power is much slower than the growth of your ego. The demands of your ego are always greater than your capacity for realization. Therefore, dissatisfaction is inevitable. This growing dissatisfaction blocks your connection with the divine spirit. This leads to spiritual poverty, hunger for power and misery.

Using the astral light for selfish purposes lowers the vibrational frequency of the astral light. This causes pollution of the astral worlds.

In addition, in the lower astral worlds there are mind souls and animal souls who are eager to assist in the realization of materialistic goals. They are eager to use you as a channel to release their distorted or perverted desires (animal souls) or garbled ideas (mind souls) into the world. They are also more than happy to appear at spiritistic gatherings. Especially when the knowledge and insight are lacking to distinguish between higher evolved souls and the ghosts who are lost in the lower astral worlds.


Parasitic Elementals

Finally, there are the parasitic elementals, who want your energy to 'help' you. You create these elementals yourself through your sentiments and through your emotions. The stronger the emotion you have with a certain thought, the stronger the elemental you create with it. Every time the thought returns to you, you send out astral energy again to the elemental associated with that thought. This elemental will activate this thought and/or emotion again and again through your aura. In this way it always gets new energy and it stays alive. Because it feeds of your energy.

Some of these elementals are collective elementals. They are created and energized by a group of people. Advertising is a powerful method of creating such collective elementals. Some elementals, such as hatred of "outsiders" (people who do not belong to society's dominant group), can strangle society, growing stronger and stronger, until civilization collapses.


A dark shell around the earth

As a result of spiritual materialism, the lower astral worlds are polluted by destructive elementals. They are a plague, forming a black shell around the physical earth. This blocks the creative light.

This black shell of destructive elementals is not of today or yesterday. Over the past 5,000 years, this shell has gradually grown. But in the past there were few people with strong psychic abilities. And usually those people were trained in controlling their selfishness. In previous centuries, people were carefully prepared and initiated. They were much less concerned with ego-oriented magic. Nowadays anyone can take courses and collect information on the internet. One can develop psychic abilities without being stimulated to develop ethical awareness and responsibility.


A Circle of Light and Love

'Psychic' abilities give access to the astral worlds. One can use these faculties to cleanse the lower astral worlds around one's own environment, so that one can access the higher astral worlds, and so that the creative light can penetrate to us. That's what we do in a Circle of Light and Love.

If one has not learned to control the ego, there is a tendency to use the psychic powers for selfish purposes, such as acquisition of possessions, self-aggrandizement, etc. As a result, the layer of pollution in the lower astral worlds around one's own environment grows, so that it becomes increasingly difficult for the creative light to penetrate. Instead of using the psychic abilities for one's own spiritual development, they are used to create a local hell, where only lower elementals can exist.



What kind of ecosystem are you creating?

Tropical birds need a tropical ecosystem. Birds from cold regions need a cold ecosystem. Everyone thinks that makes sense. Why would it be different for entities, elementals and enlightened souls? An enlightened soul needs a clear and pure ecosystem. If you pollute the astral worlds in your area, enlightened souls cannot live there. And if you make your environment light and loving, no lower elementals can live there.



Fighting Spiritual Materialism

Materialism arises because one clings to the ego. The ego is a temporary thing, your divine spirit is eternal. Once you develop knowledge of your divine spirit, you inhibit the growth of your ego. Direct experience of your divine spirit helps to make your ego small. But you can also make your ego smaller by special TRANCE-FORMATIONS. The TRANCE-FORMATIONS of Yggdrasil are very suitable for this.


With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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