Mental, emotional and sentimental hygiene


Physical hygiene and higher hygiene

In the late Middle Ages, all kinds of epidemics arose, such as bubonic plague (black death). Most epidemics were the result of poor physical hygiene. Most epidemics disappeared when the houses were kept more clean, sewers were installed and people took baths more often. The epidemics that did occur were less severe and ended sooner.

Today (2018) there are many non-physical epidemics. One epidemic of madness and/or idiocy is not over and the next is already on its way. Currently (2018) the world is in the grip of 'Trump-ism'. A form of collective madness that could not have been imagined ten years ago.

Non-physical epidemics arise from lack of:

  • Mental hygiene

    The mental world is made up of thoughts and feelings. We call them 'mentals'. Mentals can spread like genes and like viruses. The spread of mentals can take epidemic proportions. In a short time an entire culture comes under the grip of a certain thoughts or feelings.

    See: Wikipedia Meme.

    The mental body is connected to the stomach chakra. Cleaning and strengthening your stomach chakra and mental body go together.

    You can learn to cleanse your mental environment with your stomach chakra.

  • Emotional hygiene

    The emotional world is made up of emotions. Most people think of 'emotions' as something abstract. I see emotions as forms in the emotional (or astral) world. Harmonious emotions have round shapes and soft colors. Discordant emotions have sharp shapes and bright or dark colors. People with a strong umbilical chakra can shape their emotions. I once met a woman who was surrounded by 'gnomes', 'elves' et cetera. She was a kindergarten teacher and was very involved with fairy tales. She formed these 'beings' with her emotions.

    If you poop and pee all over your house and never clean it up, your house will get very dirty. Many people do something similar with their emotional environment. If you just release all your emotions and leave them behind, you will end up with a very unpleasant emotional environment. Cleaning your emotional environment will do you good.

    The emotional body is connected to the umbilical chakra. Cleaning and strengthening your umbilical chakra and emotional body go together.

    You can learn to cleanse your emotional environment with your umbilical chakra.

    The emotional body is also called the astral body. The astral field is actually the emotional dimension.

  • Sentimental hygiene

    What I have described above for emotions, which can take on forms, also applies to sentiments. But sentiments are even heavier and are even closer to the physical. They can take the form of 'invisible friends', but also of demons. Demon possession usually corresponds to 'contamination with a sentiment that has become rigid. This is a strange description, but it closely matches what I see.

    The sentimental body is connected to the sex chakra. Cleansing and strengthening of your sex chakra and sentimental body go together.

    You can learn to cleanse your sentimental environment with your sex chakra.

    The sentimental body is also called the etheric body. The sentimental world is also called the etheric dimension.

  • Higher hygiene

    Above the mental body we know five more levels. It makes little sense to discuss them here. They will be discussed in the Do it at home course RaSaTa yoga

You should regularly cleanse your physical body: showering, washing, brushing your teeth, et cetera. You also need to cleanse your sentimental, emotional, mental and higher bodies.

You should regularly clean your physical home: vacuum cleaning, wash dishes, wash windows, et cetera. You also need to cleanse your sentimental, emotional and mental 'home'.

In the Circle of Light and Love you can learn how to work with your chakras and how to clean your sentimental, emotional, mental and higher levels.


Hire a cleaner

When you are short on time, you can hire a cleaning lady to clean your physical home. You can also do this for your aura.

See: Aura-cleansing by Andreas Firewolf

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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