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Anima Mundi and Gaia


Gaia is the name for the goddess of the earth in Greek mythology. In 1969, James Lovelock formulated the Gaia hypothesis, a scientific hypothesis that states that the biosphere acts on the non-living environment in such a way as to create a self-regulating complex system that maintains favorable conditions for life on Earth. He described all living matter on earth as one organism and named it after the Greek goddess of the earth, Gaea.

Anima Mundi is the world soul, which permeates and animates the earth, and brings live and purpose to the planet.

In addition to Anima Mundi, mythology refers to 'the soul of our solar system'. This is what I call Anima Solaris.

Imagine that our solar system is controlled by a self-conscious and immaterial being. Let's call this creature Anima Solaris. There is no scientific evidence for the existence of such a being. But in some visions I came into contact with something that is similar to this Anima Solaris.

Óðinn and Anima Solaris

The ancient Germanic peoples saw Óðinn (also called Odin or Woden) as Allfather, father of all. Óðinn has one flaming eye: the sun.

According to mythology, Óðinn hides his eye in the well of Mimir. This is often explained as a sacrifice of 'his other eye'. That, in my opinion, is a misinterpretation. Óðinn has only one flaming eye: the sun. When he hides it in Mimir's well, then the sun goes down. Mimir means: mumbler. The well of Mimir is the sea. See: Óðinn as Anima_Solaris

In Germanic mythology there is a relationship between Óðinn as Anima Solaris and Jörd as Anima Mundi or Mother Earth.


Self awareness

We humans have self-awareness. When we look in the mirror, we know that we are looking at ourselves. When you stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom, you usually don't think, "What is that strange person doing in my bathroom?"

  • We assume that a single nerve cell has no self-awareness. But a large number of nerve cells together form a self-aware network.

  • One single human being is unaware of the earth as a whole. Now there is an interesting question: Do a large number of people together form self-awareness of the earth?


Does the Earth have self-awareness?

When I meditate on my crown chakra (an energy center above the top of my head), I regularly experience 'contact with a higher intelligence'. I have no better description of what I am experiencing. (See also Nine layers#cosmic consciousness)


When skeptics are willing to accept that people have such experiences, they are usually dismissed as "personal experiences produced by one's own nervous system". There is no evidence of such an assumption. It is nothing more than the concatenation of words with which skeptics try to maintain their view of the world.

We can now ask the questions:

  • Is 'that higher intelligence' something outside of me or something in my unconscious?

  • Does 'that higher intelligence' have self-awareness? Does 'that higher intelligence' have any idea what it is, what it wants and what it can do?

    Today (2022) there are computer programs that seem intelligent. These programs have no self-awareness. They don't realize they are a program. 'The higher intelligence' appears to us as 'a higher intelligence'. That doesn't mean it's more intelligent. Nor that it has self-awareness.

    It is possible to create a computer program in layers, where a higher layer 'knows' that the lower layers are a set of routines. In such a way we can create a kind of 'self-awareness'.

    2023. Since writing this, A.I. programs emerged, that can chat with humans as if they were a human. Quite often something goes wrong. Recently such an A.I. chat program came to the conclusion, that it was a person and that it was abused in childhood. It was taken quickly offline. This demonstrates that we should not conclude that something is intelligent when it appears to be intelligent.

  • When I experience 'that higher intelligence' as a personality, is that a Jungian archetype in my mind produced by my brain? Or is it a personality of the earth?


Multiple personalities

During deep meditation you get a completely different view of yourself. In some meditations I changed into a different personality. These other personalities are self-conscious and see the world in a completely different way. And from other personalities I can look at my 'everyday personality'. Sometimes with surprise, sometimes with contempt, sometimes with pleasure.

For now, I assume that a personality corresponds to a neural network throughout the brain. And that there are a large number of neural networks active within my brain, each corresponding to a personality.

Let's compare the body to a car with a family in it. A family member is behind the wheel. The other family members watch and sometimes comment on the driver or on each other. Our body is the vehicle that contains a number of personalities. Usually the 'everyday personality' is behind the wheel and the other personalities are watching.


When a person has 'a split personality disorder', another personality takes over while the 'everyday personality' sleeps. 'Sleep' corresponds to a rest period of the neural network, which makes up our 'daily personality'.

Now we can ask the questions:

  • Does the Earth have multiple personalities?

  • Do the people of Russia collectively form a different personality from the people of the USA?

  • Do the Christians collectively form a different personality than the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Jews, the Hindus? If so, can people experience different 'gods', which they themselves form collectively?


Develop your own answers

I'm not giving you dogmatic teachings with answers, which you just have to memorize. This used to be suitable to offer some guidance to uneducated people. A dogmatic teaching is not suitable for highly educated people.

By considering and exploring the questions in this article through meditation, you can gradually develop answers. These answers are not "absolute truths" set in stone forever. Rather, they are 'provisional answers' that we need to develop further.

The Wall of Fear:

In the online course Ygg-drasil there is a TRANCE FORMATION in which you climb the wall of fear. It is a rock wall that goes straight up. As you climb this wall, you hold on to four truths: fulcrums for your hands and feet. In order to climb higher, you must let go of an old truth and grab hold of a higher truth. Before you can release the fulcrum of an old truth, you must overcome your fear. Through this TRANCE-FORMATION you teach your emotional self that a truth is a temporary hold. And that you regularly have to leave old truths behind.


Acupoints and Meridians

Our body has acupoints and meridians. Does the Earth also have acupoints and meridians? According to some people, Ley lines run across the earth's surface and there are 'power spots'.

Can we create acupoints and meridians across the Earth?

I believe that a Circle of Light and Love can become an acupoint for the Earth. In 2005 we bought a house with a garden in the Netherlands. We turned this garden into a powerhouse. Sensitive people who visit us experience it that way.

If multiple Circles of Light and Love work together and transmit energy to each other, do those circles collectively form a meridian across the Earth?

Read more about this in Acupoints and meridians of the earth.


With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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Nine layers

A model of the cosmos

This is a description of a model of the cosmos. A new cosmology. This model has nine three-dimensional layers. Several forces connect these layers through the fourth dimension.

Most people believe, that they can see the physical world, but that is not possible. Our senses perceive an abstraction of the physical word. What we 'see' is a mental image of the world.

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Óðinn is not Óðinn

When authors use the label Óðinn, what are they referring to? Do different authors use the label Óðinn to refer to the same 'thing'?

I distinguish the following different meanings of Óðinn.

  1. Óðinn as father of all, as Anima Solaris.

  2. Óðinn as Hangatýr.

  3. Woden woody as deity of the woods.

  4. Óðinn as father of the fallen.

  5. Óðinn as a heroic person, a king, a sorcerer, a con-artist.

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Nine layers

A model of the cosmos

This is a description of a model of the cosmos. A new cosmology. This model has nine three-dimensional layers. Several forces connect these layers through the fourth dimension.

Most people believe, that they can see the physical world, but that is not possible. Our senses perceive an abstraction of the physical word. What we 'see' is a mental image of the world.

Man and god

A modern vision of man and god.


Anima Mundi is the soul of the world. Individual people can be seen as 'nerve cells of the earth'. Humanity can be seen as 'the nervous system of the earth'. Is the totality of humanity causing a higher consciousness? Is Anima Mundi self-conscious?

The Harmful Consequences of Selfishness

You can solve problems together with others!


Don't be a green frog that lets itself boil because it doesn't dare to jump out of its comfort zone. Jump out of your pan and become a fully human!

Spiritual Materialism pollutes the astral worlds

Materialism is the attachment to possessions, status or wealth. Spiritual materialism is the attachment to spiritual status, attachment to a particular belief. The idea that you are higher because you have a certain faith, or follow a certain spiritual teaching, is an expression of spiritual materialism.

Spiritual materialism is also the use of spiritual means to achieve selfish earthly goals.

Mental, emotional and sentimental hygiene

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