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Personal session with Andreas Firewolf
  • Duration: 3 to 5 hours

    Costs: € 275 (including VAT).

    Apprentice program participants: € 135 (including VAT). If you can not afford that, send me a message and tell me what you can afford.


What is personal guidance?

We sit opposite each other in an easy chair. (At sufficient distance according to the corona rules.) We talk to each other about what is bothering you or about what you want to achieve. During the conversation I send energy to your chakras, which reduces tensions and makes you open to new insights.


For whom is personal guidance intended for?

  • Jungian therapists

    Are you a Jungian therapist or do you provide a form of therapy or guidance where you work with Jung's archetypes? Then I can teach you to work with:

    • The Runictarot. This tarot has strong archetypal images and has spreads that your clients can use right away.

    • Yggdrasil: the Icelandic world tree. This tree resembles the tree of life of the QaBaLaH, but is much more archetypal. Yggdrasil has 96 TRANCE FORAMTIES with mighty archetypes. With these TRANCE-FORMATIONS you can restructure the unconscious.

    • Spiritual Healing . You can learn to directly heal your client's energy bodies with your chakras and to remove blockages.

  • Highly sensitive people and highly intelligent people

    For people who are highly sensitive and people who are highly intelligent, it is often difficult to get adequate therapy.

    My IQ is higher than 148. How much higher? The test I did is inaccurate above 148. There are simply too few people to properly calibrate IQ tests at extremely high intelligence.

    I have been meditating since 1974 and I see and feel the energy bodies and chakras of people. I am highly sensitive.

    If you are looking for high level therapy and/or guidance, then look no further. Here you have found what you have always been looking for.

  • Traumatized people

    The way traumatized people are treated (or mistreated) in mainstream care is distressing. I hear from people not to get angry, not to raise their voices and certainly not to shout. Otherwise, the hypersensitive therapists feel unsafe.

    People go to therapy precisely because they are damaged, because they cannot process their emotions. If you force people to talk about their problems in a distant mental way, you are more likely to make the problems worse. If people are not allowed to get emotional, if they are not allowed to be angry, then you are not in therapy.

    I had a very traumatic childhood myself. Regular care did not dare to treat my traumas. That is why I have developed a therapy myself: TRANCE-FORMATION. With this you can heal your traumas and become a better person. Moreover, with TRANCE-FORMATION you can restructure your entire unconscious. If you take the time to do it, you can completely transform yourself.

    People who have experienced extreme violence or sexual violence often have nowhere to go. Psychologists and therapists who have not experienced anything themselves simply cannot handle extreme emotions or extreme views. I have no problem with it.

  • People searching for Enlightenment

    Ordinary earthly life is a dream, it is not reality. The western way of educating and upbringing disfigures people into extremely selfish people, who are completely trapped in mental constructs. The excessive use of electronic media and participation in 'social media' exacerbates this problem. With all our wealth and prosperity, people have never been so unhappy and lonely.

    If you want to escape the prison of your mental constructs, if you want higher insight and higher development, I can guide you.

  • People who want to put their lives in order

    Our society is completely out of control. Impossible demands are placed on you. During a personal session you can ask questions about your life, about decisions you have to make, and the like. You get feedback and help to solve your problems.

    You often overlook simple solutions because you are too focused on a problem. Talking about it will reduce stress and help you find better strategies to create a better life.


  • It is possible for couples or small groups to receive initiations and training specially attuned for your needs. If this is what you are looking for, you can get more information using the form below.

    If you are thinking about divorce as a couple, you can come for a few sessions. Perhaps you can mend the relationship. Otherwise, you may part in reasonable harmony. With a shamanic ritual I can help you let go of each other.


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