"Black Pete is black"


Ultra white nationalism in the Netherlands

23 March 2014. Mark Rutte, the prime-minister of the Netherlands stated:

"Black Pete is black"

Considering other statements of him he meant to say:


Black Pete is black, stop whining about it !

See: Black Pete is 'Dutch racism in full display'


White pride in colonialism and slave trade

13 September 2019. The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte stated:

We were as powerful as the USA now. We should be extremely proud on that!

With 'we' he meant the Dutch Republic in the 17th Century. The Dutch Republic was a short lived empire, that terrorized the whole world. It created colonies like 'New Amsterdam' (currently New York) and Indonesia. It 'harvested' black people in Africa, transported them to America and sold them as slaves.

The prime minister also stated:

Let us work together to create a new Golden Century.

The 17th century is in the Netherlands called 'the Golden Century'. He really stated, that he wants the Netherlands to become another world power. His remarks are extremely offensive for the people whose ancestors have been sold as slaves by the Dutch Republic.


22 Augustus 2015. The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte stated:

The Netherlands should go back to the mindset of the Golden Century.

This is a recurring theme among ultra white supremacists in the Netherlands. The previous prime minister Balkenende stated for the Dutch Parliament:

We must go back to the VOC mindset

VOC stands for "Verenigde Oost-indische Compagnie" (United Indonesian Company). This was the first modern enterprise, completely devoted to suck all resources from Indonesia.

The ultra white supremacists in the Netherlands seem to suffer from extreme cases of nostalgia to 'the Golden Century, slave trade, colonialism, genocide, et cetera.


VVD: political party of ultra white nationalists and corruption

Mark Rutte is one of the leaders of the VVD. In the Netherlands this party is infamous for the many corruption scandals and for ultra white nationalism.

19 September 2018. The leader of the VVD in "de Tweede Kamer" (Dutch parliament) stated:


"We will make laws, so that we can punish Islamic and coloured people twice as hard as white people."


Did he really say that?

He did not say "Islamic and coloured people, but he said "people in problematic neighbourhoods". That are neighbourhoods where the Islamic and coloured people live. So the semantic meaning was indeed: "We are going to punish Islamic and poor people twice as hard as white people".


In the Netherlands it is very difficult for Islamic people to get a decent job. So they are punished with poverty for being Islamic. As a result, they end up in problematic neighbourhoods. And Ultra white nationalists are now making laws to punish them twice as much for living there.


Rich white people are protected against the law

While the Dutch politicians are making plans to punish Islamic and coloured people twice as hard, they are also infamous for the systemic protection of rich white people.

In the 1990's economists warned the government for 'woekerpolissen' (shark policies, financial contracts, that are very difficult to understand with the intention to steal money from common people in such a way, that these common people do not realize that they are being robbed). The government did nothing. In 2008 a television program started a campaign against these woekerpolissen. The financial corporations had been stealing billions of euro's from the common people for years. Then the Minister of Finance asked the supreme judges for advice, to prevent law suits.

Not one person of these financial companies has been charged with anything !

I filed a complained about this against Delta Lloyd. The Openbaar Ministerie (public prosecutors office) refused to prosecute. I started an article 12 procedure. With this you can ask a higher court to order the Openbaar Ministerie to prosecute. This higher court refused to consider my request because I was not an interested party.


When you are white and rich, you get away with anything in the Netherlands.

When you belong to a minority, the ultra white nationalists will bully you to death.


In 1998 the VVD had a campaign leader named Hans van Baalen. This white supremacist is known as a big fan of Hitler. A classmate Willem-Jan Vroon stated about him: During an excursion to "het Binnenhof" he made the Nazi salute on the stairs before the "Ridderzaal". (Het Binnenhof and the Ridderzaal are the centres of Dutch government.)

Source: Campagneleider van VVD weg na beschuldigingen.

About: Hans van Baalen


Ethnic cleansing

19 March 2014. Geert Wilders, the leader of a White supremacist party asked his followers:

Do you want more or less Moroccans?

His followers yelled: "Less! Less! Less!"

Then Wilders stated: "Allright. I ill make it happen.


This statement should be seen as the 7th stage of ethnic cleansing.

See The Ten Stages of Genocide

The Dutch authorities charged Geert Wilders with "insulting minorities", NOT with preparing genocide. The trial against Wilders drags on and on. The Dutch authorities clearly do not want to prosecute. They do not want to uphold the law. Basically they seem to agree with Wilders, but they can not show that in public.



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The Netherlands does not have a working constitution



Toleration policy

The Netherlands developed an extremely insidious policy, which they call 'Gedoogbeleid' (Toleration policy.) They tolerate gross violations of the law, when it suits their purpose. When they don't like you, they have an enormous arsenal of outrageous laws to punish and torment minorities and people who are different.

Corrupt Ministers of finance


In this century, all Ministers of finance of the Netherlands refused to protect the people against criminal financial corporations. Every bit of decency has been sold or leased. The whole political system is rotted down to the core.


Grand theft since 1995

Paradise for financial criminality


The Netherlands is a paradise for financial criminality. Large financial corporations steal and rob as much as they want.

Rule of law became a Rule of favors


Toleration policy is the translation of the Dutch word 'Gedoogbeleid'. It is an extremely insidious policy.

It means that the authorities decide if they tolerate violations of the law or that they punish you for it. When you have friends in 'the system', you get away with everything. When 'the system' wants to trample you, the civil servants have an enormous arsenal of laws, that nobody can keep.

Pyramid scheme with farmland

The Rabobank is a monoplolist in lending to Dutch farmers. Rabobank provides work for the appraisers. They are fully dependent on Rabobank and follow its instructions. These appraisers have driven up the price, following instructions of the Rabo bank.

Position of minorities in the Netherlands.
RABO-bank betrayed Mexican Drug Cartel
From EU to United States of Europe (USE)
Israel and Iraq: road-map to peace
1000 billion euro for nepotism and cronyism
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