Russia is waging war against us


Is Russia behind cyber-attack Petya ??

27 June 2017 the world was hit by the Petya computer virus. It is almost certain that this virus was created and launched by a government and not by a criminal gang.

Because Ukraine was hit first, there is a strong suspicion

that Russia is behind this attack.


See among others Russian military was behind 'NotPetya' cyberattack in Ukraine, CIA concludes


Russia incites to racial hatred and civil war

The way in which Russia influenced the American presidential elections is becoming increasingly clear. See this article in the Washington Post: Russian Facebook ads showed a black woman firing a rifle, amid efforts to stoke racial strife

When a mother posts a photo on her facebook page in which she breastfeeds her child, the photo is deleted. Because a naked breast is considered 'obscene' by facebook. At the same time, facebook likes to be paid for an advertisement with a photo of a black woman shooting at white people with a shotgun. Would you like to be associated with such a company? Or do you close your facebook account?


According to the Washington Post:

House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: "I think Putin pays" Trump

According to an MI6 agent, the FSB (Russian Secret Service) has video footage of Trump enjoying a 'Golden Shower'. Whether that's true, we can't tell yet. We now know that Trump is submissive to the Russians.

Look at the picture on this page of the Washington Post. Trump's disclosures to the Russians might actually have been illegal Trump's body language says: SUBMISSIVE. The body language of Minister Sergei Lavrov says: DOMINANT. That photo was taken at the White House. The Western media were not welcome. The Russian media could walk in and out.


Who's infected ??

We can assume Trump is an agent of the FSB, the Russian Secret Service. That means the FSB has had free access to all of Trump's real estate for years. We have to assume that the FSB has been recording everything that happens in the Trump Tower for years. And what happens in other Trump properties. The Trump Tower should be seen as the 'Sliver Tower', after the movie Sliver.

Paul Ryan was fierce with Trump at first. Then he turned around. Shortly after he visited Trump. According to the Washington Post, Paul Ryan suppressed messages about the connection between Trump and Putin. We have to assume that Paul Ryan is also being blackmailed by the FSB.


Who in Washington hasn't been infected yet ??

Actually, we can only trust people who NEVER stayed in Trump property. The rest we have to distrust.


We need Joseph McCarthy

In the 1950s, Joseph McCarthy fiercely campaigned against the Russians. In his campaign he often went too far against homosexuals, Jews, people in the film world. But in this day and age we can use a strong dose of 'Mccarthyism'. Otherwise, in a few years we will all be speaking Russian. Or better said: Then you will speak Russian. I will be relocated to a prison in Siberia and died of a heart attack or carciac arrest. If they shoot a bullet through my neck, it will be 'Cardiac arrest'. If I get a bullet in my heart, it will be a 'heart attack'.


Interference in elections

The Russians are constantly interfering in the Western elections. They pay extremist political groups.


The French Front National has received a "loan" from a Russian bank.


The traitor Geert Wilders twittered on 27 February 2018, 16:30:

I wear it here with pride. A Russian-Dutch friendship pin.

In the past, Geert Wilders has been paid by National Zionists from the USA. Now he is looking for 'sponsorship' from the Russians.

Traitor of a country: someone who allows himself to be paid by a hostile country to harm his own country or people.


The Russians have special organizations to flood us with fake news. They do everything they can to undermine our democracies.


Enough is enough!!!

It's time to defend ourselves against the Russians.

It's time to stand up against this new wave of power hunger of the Russian leaders.


When the Soviet Union collapsed, we helped the Russians. We've been friendly.

Now they show us what they are. No gratitude, no friendship, but brutal hunger for power.

Do you want to accept this? Do you want to learn Russian?


Putin and Erdogan


It would be wrong to equate Putin and Erdogan with the dictators of the 30s and 40s. But the political structure shows worrying similarities.



If Turkey attacks Europe, it's a war between Nato 'allies'. Trump then has an excuse to stay out of it. Then Europe will be alone against Russia and Turkey.


We need to prepare for this scenario.


European defence power

The European countries need to strengthen their defences quickly and vigorously.

We should have our armies practicing together against an invasion of Russia and Turkey.

We need to make ourselves independent of U.S. support.


The european countries and their leaders are nationalistic.

They don't want a European army. So be it.

We can agree on the following:

  1. In peacetime the military are under the leadership and political responsibility of the national governments.

  2. There is regular practice with a European command structure, as if it were one European force.

  3. If Europe is attacked by Russia and/or Turkey, the force will come under a central European command.


Who can participate??

Which European countries are allowed to join this force?

May Norway participate? Norway is not an EU country. But we are closely connected with Norway. It is in our interest and in Norway's interest to defend ourselves together.

May Sweden participate? Sweden is not a NATO member but an EU country. Joining forces with the Swedes seems to me very desirable.

May Great Britain join us? If the English generals don't take over, we should say 'Yes'.

May France participate? Perhaps Macron can detach France from the sentiment of de Gaulle. Then I'd like to have the French with us.

Poland is a lot harder. If the Russians start a war, the Polish soldiers will fight like lions. But the current government of Poland is almost Russian in behavior. Good arrangements will have to be made.


What should the Netherlands do ??

The Netherlands has scandalously neglected its defence. I would like to speak of 'criminal negligence' in politics. I want a huge increase in the defence budget immediately. I want the army to immediately be given sufficient resources to purchase all the spare parts they need. At the moment a large part of the defence equipment is unavailable due to the lack of spare parts. The dutch defense is in a worse state than it was in 1939. The political policy of recent years borders on treason.

The Netherlands has spent a lot of money on strengthening the dikes. That was necessary. But it would be very sad if the Russians were to enjoy our dikes, and we become their slaves.


What's Europe supposed to do??

  1. Increase defence spending and prepare for a major invasion of Russia and Turkey. If we do that quickly, that invasion will not come. If we continue to leep, we could be overrun in a few years.

    • It is neither necessary nor desirable to build a very large army.

    • We want an army big enough to deter Russia and Turkey. If an invasion brings too many losses, it will never come.

    • We must not build up an army that threatens Russia and/or Turkey. If these countries feel threatened, it will lead to an arms race. That costs a lot and brings nothing.

      We don't want to invade, conquer or threaten other countries. We don't want to be conquered either. We want an army that is neither too small nor too big. Enough to deter, but not so big that other countries will feel threatened.

  2. We must separate ourselves energetically from Russia. Imports of gas and oil from Russia should be phased out as soon as possible.

    The environmental movement calls for the closure of coal-fired power plants. These calls should be seen as high treason. We should keep the coal-fired power plants open (for the time being) and buy coal from European countries. Continuing to extract lignite in Germany is highly desirable.

    We have to separate our transport from import energy. So: stop cars running on diesel or gasoline. Switch to cars that run on electricity. That electricity can come from a battery AND from hydrogen with a fuel cell. Both! Hybrid electric cars without a combustion engine, with two energy sources: a hydrogen tank with a fuel cell AND a battery.

    We should install as many solar panels as possible. At filling stations we need to install production units for the production of hydrogen. If too much power is generated by the solar panels in the summer, we turn the electricity into hydrogen. Our cars should drive on it in the winter.

    Close coal plants ????? In the future, perhaps. First, reduce imports of oil and gas from high-risk countries. This will bring MORE environmental gains. But above all it is better for the political environment.

  3. We have to boycott Russia.

    Export of technology to Russia should be prohibited.

    Should we trade with Russia? As little as possible. We need to replace everything we buy from Russia right now with other products.

    The best answer to Russian aggression against Europe is this:

    Let's make Europe independent of Russian gas and oil. Many Eastern European countries are very poor and have no money for Russian gas and oil. They are much better off with small biomass cogeneration plants. (Power plants that produce electricity and heat.) Small power plants that can be operated by a family of farmers. In summer there is a lot of electricity from solar panels. In winter we need more electricity and we need heat. When farmers use that heat to warm their homes, we get a better energy efficiency. As long as there is agricultural waste, they burn it. When that runs out, they burn coal or lignite. It's much better for the environment and much better for Europe. as Eastern European countries generate electricity and heat with European coal.

    I'm pleading for more energy generation from coal!!!!!

    That reduces CO2 emissions and is much better for the political environment!

    Russia is our enemy and threatens our freedom and our democracy. We must return to Cold War. We need to squeeze Russia economically and technologically, until they can behave normally. In 500 years, they may be ready for a normal relationship with the West. At the moment, the Russian leaders behave like ape-men, driven by animal instincts to increase their territory.


Russia has declared war on us. It's time to fight back.


GreenPeace is infiltrated by the FSB

Washington Post. Yes, GOP leaders were making a joke


Then Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Republican conference chairman, chimes in. Her "big takeway" from the conversation is "just how sophisticated the propaganda" is in Russia. She and others hint at the NGOs Russia has bought in Europe, including the environmental groups that have been lined up to oppose fracking, a technology Russia doesn't like because it lowers gas prices. "It isn't just about Ukraine," Ryan says. And then, a few seconds later, he adds "Russia is trying to turn Ukraine against itself."


NGO's bought up by Russia ???? Environmental organizations infiltrated by secret agents ???

For many years I wandered why environmental organisations are so strongly against coal-fired power stations.


When cars run on electricity from coal-plants, they pollute a lot less and they cost a lot less.

See Energy content and CO2 emissions. The fuel of a car on gasoline costs 15 times as much as the fuel needed for a car on electricity from a coal plant.


The policy and propaganda of GreenPeace and other environmental groups harm the environment. It is much better to first phase out the use of oil and gas. When the transport switches to electric driving, with a battery and with a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank, the air in the cities will immediately become cleaner. And the co2 emissions will be reduced much more drastically. Moreover, it is much cheaper.


Years ago I assumed, that the environmental organizations have been infiltrated by agents of the oil and gas industry. Now, according to U.S. senators and congressmen, they appear to have been infiltrated by FSB agents. Then the environmental organizations are guilty of high treason.


Our 'esteemed' members of the Lower House (the Dutch parliament), have adopted a motion to close coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands.


  • The Netherlands has a number of virtually new, extremely efficient coal-fired power plants.

    GreenPeace claims, that coal plants are dirty. But the exhaust fumes of these coal plants are washed with water with a calcium sollution. The resulting gypsum is used in construction.

  • These coal plants should now be closed by order of Russia, so that Russia can sell more oil and gas to us.

  • I don't believe the MPs are all in the service of the Russians.

    They're just being sent in the wrong direction by environmental movements.

  • One exception is Diederik Samsom, former GreenPeace activist and former leader of the PvdA (labour party).

    If we look at his behaviour and how he destroyed the PvdA, I clearly see the influence of the FSB.

    • It can be argued that there is little evidence to support the assertion that Diederik Samsom is an FSB agent.

    • But in the world of counter-espionage, there is hardly ever hard evidence. The world of counter-espionage consists of illusions within illusions within illusions. You never know what is true and what is deception. And if there is ever hard evidence, you have to assume that that evidence was fabricated by a stakeholder organization.

    • We can look at Diederik Samsom's behaviour. He has presented himself as a person with environmental expertise. He has taken the lead in agitating against coal-fired power plants. And he has seduced many MPs into agreeing to a motion to close brand-new coal-fired power plants.

      If Samsom is an expert, then he knows that cars running on electricity from a coal plant pollute MUCH LESS than cars running on gasoline or diesel.

      Then he also knows, that cars running on electricity from a coal plant cost a lot less money per kilometre than cars on gasoline or diesel.

      Cars running on electricity from a coal plant are simply much better for the environment AND economically much better.

      The costs of fuel for a car running on gasoline are 15 TIMES HIGHER than a car running on electricity from a coal plant See: Energy content and CO2 emissions.

    • So there are two possibilities:

      1. Samsom is an agent of the FSB and is guilty of high treason. He has deliberately misled and seriously damaged the environment. He did this to help the Russians sell more oil.

      2. Samsom is an arrogant idiot who pretends to be something he absolutely is not. He has cheated his voters and the Labour Party for years. And he doesn't know anything about environmental science.

      Until Samsom publicly states in public that he's a crook and an arrogant idiot and that he knows nothing about the environment and technology, we have to assume Samsom is an FSB agent and a traitor.


FoxNews is a Russian propaganda channel

In the USA they have FoxNews. This station stands square behind Trump and defends his most apelike behavior. Or they attack the Democrats. They twist all the facts, lie all the time and have split American society. In the meantime there is a threat of civil war or a total political impasse because of the constant propaganda, which is very favourable for the FSB. Viewers of FoxNews (Trump voters) call Russia 'their friend'.


In Europe, Russia is trying the same thing.


It's really one minute before twelve. We have to go back to the Cold War and fight back against the Russians.


Did the GreenPeace make a dirty deal with Putin ??


  • In 2013 Russian soldiers entered the GreenPeace ship Arctic Sunrise.

  • A former GreenPeace volunteer informed me, that GreenPeace has changed its policy after the incident with Arctic Sunrise. I have known this person for quite some time. He wants to remain anonymous.

  • Activists would have been locked up in Russian prisons for years unless GreenPeace made a deal with Putin.

  • To free the activists, GreenPeace should serve Russia.

    One way of doing this is by radically turning against coal-fired power plants and thus promoting the use of Russian oil and gas.

  • I can't tell if this message is true. The volunteer wants to remain anonymous and can't prove anything.

    The facts do point in the same direction.


With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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