1000 billion euro for nepotism and cronyism


1000 billion euros to be distributed among friends

Yes, you read it right. The EU wants to give 1000 billion euros to Frans Timmermans and his friends, so that they can indulge themselves in nepotism, make their friends grow fat and make the European population destitute.


Is Timmermans a narcissistic psychopath ??

Plasterk: As an MP Timmermans did absolutely nothing until he got the foreign policy of the labour faction

In an interview with de Volkskrant, former PvdA minister Plasterk portrays his colleague Timmermans as 'a narcissistic psychopath'. Plasterk stated: He said: 'Well, then I'm just not doing anything'. Really, he didn't do anything for six months. I thought it was an odd show.'

See: Timmermans did absolutely nothing until he got the foreign policy

I'm a psychotherapist myself and train psychiatrists to make quick diagnoses. If you pay attention to the body language of politicians, you quickly learn to distinguish the "deranged snouts" from the well-intentioned. I find Timmermans' body language extraordinarily strange. Let me keep it that way. I wouldn't even lend a hundred euros to Timmermans. Give him 1000 billion euros of taxpayers' money? How insane can Europe be?



In September 2019 Frans Timmermans appointed his PvdA friend Diederik Samsom as head of cabinet and deputy. This does not bode well.

I don't know Samsom personally. But I do know this. Samsom is...

  • Totally incompetent

  • or an agent of the FSB.

    The FSB is a Russian secret service, successor to the KGB.

    Since Putin took power in Russia, the FSB has been very active in recruiting agents from European and American NGOs, with the aim of exerting influence. In doing so, it mainly focused on environmental movements such as Green Peace. Putin wants to sell oil and gas. On behalf of the FSB, the agents at Green Peace have fiercely campaigned against coal. The Netherlands now wants to close all coal-fired power plants very quickly, so that we will become completely dependent on Russian gas and oil from Russia and Saudi Arabia.

    Washington Post. Yes, GOP leaders were making a joke


    Then Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Republican conference chairman, chimes in. Her "big takeway" from the conversation is "just how sophisticated the propaganda" is in Russia. She and others hint at the NGOs Russia has bought in Europe, including the environmental groups that have been lined up to oppose fracking, a technology Russia doesn't like because it lowers gas prices. "It isn't just about Ukraine," Ryan says. And then, a few seconds later, he adds "Russia is trying to turn Ukraine against itself."


    See Russia is waging war against us.

Samsom's behaviour as faction leader of the PvdA (Labour party) in the Lower House (Tweede kamer) is very strange, if you analyse it well. He had the opportunity to become a minister, but he rejected it. Ministers are screened very thoroughly by the security service AIVD. For an important ministerial post you are also screened by the NSA. Of course the USA doesn't want important ministers of allies working for the FSB. The FSB does not consider it safe to subject their agents to thorough screening. More information can be found here: Is Diederik Samsom an FSB agent?


I know from my own experience that the FSB is very actively looking for people in Europe. A few years ago, I was approached by 'Katja', a Russian student living in Rotterdam. She travelled al the way to North-east Groningen, a four hour journey to meet me. During the meeting it never became clear what she wanted. The whole meeting was odd. When I learned about Russians recruiting people that are environmental activists, I realised what she wanted. Unfortunately for her, I am not for sale.


Wouter Bos, patron of the banking cartel

Wouter Bos is former Minister of Finance. As Minister he wrote a letter to the highest judges and asked them for advice, to protect the banks against lawsuits of angry citizens. The large financial institutions had been selling usurious policies to Dutch citizens since the 1990s. The politicians had been warned about this for years, but did what they are so good at: looking away and doing nothing. And if you're asked to do something: deny and lie with a poker face.

When Wouter Bos was minister of Finance (2007 - 2010), he actively put pressure on the judiciary to help prevent criminal prosecution of criminal bankers. he asked the Raad voor de Rechtspraak (Council for the Judiciary) for advice on how to "help alleviate possible pressure on the judiciary." Read: prevent lawsuits. As minister of Finance, he actively pressured the judiciary, to help prevent that usury policy crooks and criminal bankers would be prosecuted.

  • After Wouter Bos had asked the Council for the Judiciary how it could protect the gangs of bank robbers from legal proceedings, the General Law Governing Rights was amended in 2013 so that complaining citizens could be put away as 'no interested party'. See Algemene wet bestuursrecht onder de paragraaf 'Aanpassing bestuursprocesrecht 2013'.

I myself demanded criminal prosecution from Delta Lloyd. When the Public Prosecutor's Office refused, I instituted Article 12 proceedings. This was rejected by the Court of Leeuwarden, arguing that I was not an interested party. This while I was a victim of this criminal company. For this, the Dutch political hooligans have created the General Law Governing Rights This judgment is not based on law. It is a political ruling, aimed at keeping the criminal elite out of jail. Politicians and Minister of Finance Wouter Bos conspired to rob the people of their right to justice. Many people in the Netherlands regard the politicians as 'guillotine fudder'.

The ACM has refused to launch an anti-trust investigation against the banks 'because I would not be an interested party according to the AWB. See Mona Keijzer weigert kartelonderzoek

The AFM has refused to enforce the European Consumer Law 'because according to the AWB I would not be an interested party. See AFM weigert handhaving wet

  • Wouter Bos, the Raad voor de Rechtspraak (Council for the Judiciary) and the entire Dutch political class have conspired to change a law so that the government can easily refuse requests from citizens to enforce the law. That is organized crime. The Hague Hooligans (as we call our politicians) have turned the Netherlands into a bank robber's paradise.

And Wouter Bos? This traitor was richly rewarded by his criminal pals in The Hague politics. He is now CEO of Invest-nl, an investment bank where cronies of the Hague Hooligans can get easy and cheap money at taxpayers' expense. (Ordinary citizens not welcome; you have to invest at least 5 million euros.)

Wouter Bos has never been prosecuted for corruption, treason and the like. Apparently the top of the Netherlands is one big criminal gang.


Wouter Bos should have protected the citizens and acted firmly against the banks. Instead, he protected the banking cartel and wriggled like a maggot to avoid imposing any fines to the banks.

Wouter Bos is also from the PvdA (Labour party) and also a friend of Timmermans. Timmermans and Bos work closely together on the 'European Green Deal', managed by Diederik Samsom, overseen by the FSB. And Putin watches from a distance and sees that everything is going well.


Do you think this is a little weird??

Sometimes I wonder if there isn't something in the drinking water that makes the European population act like demented sheep. Or like cows suffering from Mad Cow Disease. I myself purify the drinking water with a carbon filter, so it could be that I escape this narcotic substance.

1000 Billion Euros to be managed by a narcissist, who appoints criminal PvdA buddies (Labour party buddies), to share the loot among the rich. And European citizens would have to bleed for that.

I'm not the only one who thinks this is a little weird, am I??

One would expect that the European population would be furious about such criminal policies. But I see very little anger. Nobody is marching to Brussels with a guillotine for a frivolous protest or more. Hardly any criticism in the social media. Maybe it's just me, but I find this very strange.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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Toleration policy is the translation of the Dutch word 'Gedoogbeleid'. It is an extremely insidious policy.

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Pyramid scheme with farmland

The Rabobank is a monoplolist in lending to Dutch farmers. Rabobank provides work for the appraisers. They are fully dependent on Rabobank and follow its instructions. These appraisers have driven up the price, following instructions of the Rabo bank.

Ultra white nationalism in the Netherlands

Mark Rutte, the prime-minister of the Netherlands, wants to return to the mindset of 'the Golden Century', when the Netherlands was 'great' in slave trade, colonialism, genocide, et cetera.

Position of minorities in the Netherlands.
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