Is the Netherlands corrupt


Corrupt Ministers of finance

In this century, all Ministers of finance of the Netherlands refused to protect the people against criminal financial corporations. Every bit of decency has been sold or leased. The whole political system is rotted down to the core. The people's confidence in politics and in the State has been sacrificed to short-term self-interest.

Some people call these politicians 'whores'. But that is completely wrong. They are pimps. They are pimping the people of the Netherlands. They get enormous rewards and the citizens get screwed by large financial corporations. And when you ask as a citizen to uphold the law, they say, 'that you are not an interested party' according to the General Law Governing Rights


Grand theft since 1995

  • According to https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woekerpolisaffaire:

    The non-transparent nature of cost deductions by insurers has been repeatedly criticized since around 1995. In 2003, the AFM (Authority Financial Markets) published a report on investment mortgages, which showed that an average household with an investment mortgage had a 55 percent chance of incurring residual debt. In 2006, the AFM subsequently found that investment insurances are opaque and relatively expensive, and that the information on policies is incomplete and sometimes even incorrect.

  • Gerrit Zalm was Minister of Finance between 2003 and 2007. He did NOT do anything at all about the systemic criminal activities of the large financial corporations in the Netherlands. Subsequently, he allowed himself to be richly rewarded by the companies, which he should have tackled. First he got a lucrative position at DSB bank, where it was customary to systematically rob customers with criminal products, which Zalm as Minister should have tackled. He then went on to work at ABN-AMRO bank, where he gave himself and his fellow directors a huge salary increase because they were so good at bank robbery, scams, selling incomprehensible financial products to Dutch citizens and manipulating interest rates. He then helped to destroy ABN-AMRO bank with speculative policies, after which the State had to rescue ABN-AMRO bank, at the taxpayer's expense.

    If the State had lost a lot of money on the nationalization of ABN-AMRO bank, it would have resulted in serious loss of face. So ABN-AMRO bank had to be made profitable. This was done by increasing the debit interest rate for ordinary consumers. The Ministry of Finance, the Dutch bank, the AFM and the major banks made secret cartel agreements and systematically increased the debit interest rate for consumers. The debit interest rate in the Netherlands is more than FOUR times higher than in Germany.

    Gerrit Zalm has never been prosecuted for corruption, treason and the like. Apparently the top of the Netherlands is one big criminal gang.

  • Zalm was succeeded by Wouter Bos. While he was minister, Tros Radar publicized about the 'woekerpolis affaire'.

    (Translation woekerpolis: usury policy, loan shark policy. Example: A mortgage where your mortgage payments are 'invested' in stocks and bonds after deducing 'the costs'. These financial products where completely incomprehensible. The sellers claimed, that the consumers would be able to pay off their mortgage after 30 years. But after the deductions of 'the costs', the remaining invested money was not enough to get the prospected results.

    When Wouter Bos was minister of Finance (2007 - 2010), he actively put pressure on the judiciary to help prevent criminal prosecution of criminal bankers. he asked the Raad voor de Rechtspraak (Council for the Judiciary) for advice on how to "help alleviate possible pressure on the judiciary." Read: prevent lawsuits. As minister of Finance, he actively pressured the judiciary, to help prevent that usury policy crooks and criminal bankers would be prosecuted.

    • After Wouter Bos had asked the Council for the Judiciary how it could protect the gangs of bank robbers from legal proceedings, the General Law Governing Rights was amended in 2013 so that complaining citizens could be put away as 'no interested party'. See Algemene wet bestuursrecht onder de paragraaf 'Aanpassing bestuursprocesrecht 2013'.

    I myself demanded criminal prosecution from Delta Lloyd. When the Public Prosecutor's Office refused, I instituted Article 12 proceedings. This was rejected by the Court of Leeuwarden, arguing that I was not an interested party. This while I was a victim of this criminal company. For this, the Dutch political hooligans have created the General Law Governing Rights This judgment is not based on law. It is a political ruling, aimed at keeping the criminal elite out of jail. Politicians and Minister of Finance Wouter Bos conspired to rob the people of their right to justice. Many people in the Netherlands regard the politicians as 'guillotine fudder'.

    The ACM has refused to launch an anti-trust investigation against the banks 'because I would not be an interested party according to the AWB. See Mona Keijzer weigert kartelonderzoek

    The AFM has refused to enforce the European Consumer Law 'because according to the AWB I would not be an interested party. See AFM weigert handhaving wet

    • Wouter Bos, the Raad voor de Rechtspraak (Council for the Judiciary) and the entire Dutch political class have conspired to change a law so that the government can easily refuse requests from citizens to enforce the law. That is organized crime. The Hague Hooligans (as we call our politicians) have turned the Netherlands into a bank robber's paradise.

    And Wouter Bos? This traitor was richly rewarded by his criminal pals in The Hague politics. He is now CEO of Invest-nl, an investment bank where cronies of the Hague Hooligans can get easy and cheap money at taxpayers' expense. (Ordinary citizens not welcome; you have to invest at least 5 million euros.)

    Wouter Bos has never been prosecuted for corruption, treason and the like. Apparently the top of the Netherlands is one big criminal gang.


    Are the media independent ??

    In the Dutch version of the article I referred here to an article on the website of RTL news. Shortly after publication of this article, the article on RTL news was removed from the website. This shows that we do not have independent media in the Netherlands. The media are in the hands of large financial companies, who are the issue here. Research journalism has been cut back in the 1980s.

    What can still be found is: De woekerpolisaffaire: wegstoppen is lastig


  • After that we got Jan Kees de Jager, first as Deputy minister and then as Minister. Before he was appointed Deputy minister, it was already known to the hooligan politicians that he was a criminal. When he was director of Codim, no pension premiums were paid. That was more of a recommendation for the hooligan politicians. Jan Kees had already proven to be a criminal, so that was a good thing. 'Minister material', according to the the capos of Dutch politics. nu.nl writes

    When GroenLinks, SP and PvdA (left wing political parties) insisted on additional research of the loanshark policies, civil servants at the time advised Minister of Finance Jan Kees de Jager (CDA) not to do any further research. The costs would not outweigh the benefits. With the settlements, the problems would go away as far as civil servants were concerned.

    De Jager suggested to have an independent third party look into the matter, but the officials called it 'not wise'. They advised the minister to publicly warn the financial companies, but actually to do nothing. (We all know that that is common behavior of hooligan politicians. Before the camera they are all good and great, when the cameras are off, they return to their general ape-like behavior.)

    According to the officials, De Jager could 'probably get away with that'. According to RTL Nieuws, this was the seed for later procedures.

    Jan Kees did not disappoint the capos of Dutch politics. He turned out to be a 'man of honor' and a great protector of the Dutch bank robbery gangs (The large financial corporations).

    Jan Kees de Jager has never been prosecuted for corruption, treason and the like. Apparently the top of the Netherlands one big criminal gang.

    A lot of affected citizens have not received any compensation at all. Many other citizens were fobbed off with a small part of the damage suffered. I myself have been reasonably compensated by Delta Lloyd for the financial damage. But I did not receive any compensation for the time it took me to get the financial damage compensated.

  • After that we got Jeroen Dijsselbloem. While he was Minister of Finance, secret agreements were made between the Ministry of Finance, the banks and the Dutch Central Bank to increase the interest rate on credit, with the apparent aim of:

    • help the balance sheet of the banks quickly recover from the credit crisis

    • to punish the consumers for the fact that they once trusted the gangs of bank robbers and followed their advice. The Financieel Dagblad (Financial journal) published an article on 21 March 2016 with the headline Banks do not pass on interest advantage to customers who are in red. According to this article:

      • A top banker, who does not want to appear in the newspaper with his name, states that there must also be a punitive element in the debit interest rate. If the debit interest rate is too low, that aspect is omitted.'

      The banks cannot implement this policy without consent of the state. Presumably Jeroen Dijsselbloem, as the Minister of Finance has led the creation of these cartel agreements. In any case, he has refused to take action against them.

    On 12 October 2016 I wrote Jeroen Dijsselbloem a letter, in which I asked him:

    • 1. Dismantling of the banking cartel.

    • 2. Prohibition of variable interest, unless it is linked to an international standard (such as Euribor).

    See: Open brief aan minister van financien


    For an action against the banking cartel Dijsselbloem referred me to the Consumer and Market Authority. There I had asked for an action before, but the ACM did not bother to respond to such a ridiculous request.

    In 2019 I sent Mona Keijzer, Deputy minister for Economic Affairs, two times a letter with the request for a cartel investigation. She completely ignored the first letter. I sent the second letter by registered mail. She had the ACM write back, that my request would not be processed, because I am not an interested party according to the General Law Governing Rights. The debet interest rate in the Netherlands is more than FOUR times as high as in Germany!

    To this I add two screenshots of German banks and the interest they charge on ordinary credit: 1.7% to 2%. The cartel of dutch banks keeps the interest rate around 8% to 9%.





    As Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem radically rejected the ban on variable interest rates. Totally not negotiable. An absolutely unspeakable heinous request! Mafiose banks, such as Rabobank, must be given every opportunity to manipulate the interest rate. In the USA, Rabobank received the second highest fine in the Libor scandal: more than a billion dollars. Switzerland also imposed a substantial fine. In the Netherlands? In Cartel country the Netherlands you only count if you rob society for a few billion. Four bankers were fined between 750 and 3,000 euros. Calculated two to six hours of work at their standard hourly wage. Not even a symbolic community service of 250 hours. No lifelong professional ban. No, a minimum fine. I assume these four bank robbers threatened to talk. The officials of Finance and Dutch hooligan politicians are terrified of that.

    It has become clear by now that the Netherlands has been making criminal tax agreements with large companies for many years. All Ministers of Finance are or have been aware of this. They have all contributed to it. The Tax and Customs Administration and the Ministry of Finance form a criminal organization within the meaning of Section 140 of the Dutch Penal Code. That they are organizations in the sense of article 140 is obvious. Are they criminal? With the tax agreements with large companies, all other European countries are seriously disadvantaged. Society has lost hundreds of billions. These have benefited large companies and their shareholders. Ministers receive generous rewards from large companies after their 'tour-of-duty' in politics. They become board members of a large bank (such as Zalm at ABN-AMRO bank), or they receive all kinds of lucrative functions as members of Supervisory Boards, where they receive high rewards in exchange for looking away from organized crime, et cetera. Or they become top executives of Invest-NL and receive billions of taxpayers' money to distribute among their friends. As if you appointed the fox as overseer of the chicken coop.

    Top officials of Finance have prosecuted and convicted ordinary Dutch people for fraud in allowances. (In Dutch: De toeslagen affaire.) Many ordinary honest citizens have been severely punished without a fair trial when they made a small mistake in filling out incomprehensible forms. This is a serious violation of human rights, European law and Dutch law. These top officials presumably believed that all people are like them: completely criminal. "It takes one to know one." If the entire politics of The Hague is not completely rotten, how can ordinary citizens be so mistreated, while the top criminals at Finance, the Dutch Central Bank and the Dutch bank robbery gangs are simply given complete freedom to systematic looting of the Dutch people?

    The Netherlands has taken an extremely anti-social stance towards the European Union. Jeroen Dijsselbloem has been extremely hard on Greece. The Greeks did not have their taxes in order, according to Jeroen. Meanwhile, Jeroen Dijsselbloem led a criminal organization (the Ministry of Finance), which secretly made criminal tax agreements with large companies. The Netherlands was constantly guilty of unfair competition and systematic undermining of the European Union. ALL Ministers of Finance have been aware of this and acted as capos of these criminal organization.

    Jeroen Dijsselbloem has never been prosecuted for corruption, treason and the like. Apparently the top of the Netherlands is one big criminal gang.

  • Now we are have Wopke Hoekstra as Minister of Finance.

    I sent Wopke a registered letter in which I asked him to summon the AFM to enforce the law. Hoekstra refused.

    Wopke follows the line of its corrupt predecessors. I assume that he is also 'a man of honor'. In any case his behavior indicates that.


Corrupt political parties

It has become clear to me. that all major political parties are corrupt and criminal. It seems as if the Netherlands is ruled by mafia families who have disguised themselves as political parties. The Netherlands is constantly ruled by the mafia families CDA, VVD, PvdA, D66, CU and GroenLinks, in ever-changing coalitions. Opposition parties such as SP and PVV also seem to be content with organized crime, protecting bank robbers' gangs (such as Rabo bank, ABN-AMRO bank, ING bank, and many others) and systematically raking in lucrative positions at large companies as a reward for systematically looking away and doing nothing during their 'tour-of-duty' in active politics.

In 2019, I wrote to Mona Keijzer requesting law enforcement and a cartel investigation. At the same time, on September 20, 2019, I sent the email below to the following members of the Lower House. Mainly financial spokespersons. From all parties I received ONLY a proper response from 50Plus and from de 'Partij voor de dieren'. The large parties, including SP (Socialist Party), GroenLinks (Green left) and the PvdA (labor) did not think it was worthwhile to protect the Dutch people against the interest rate manipulation and other criminal practices of the Dutch bank robbery gangs, including Rabo, ING, ABN-AMRO and many others. I assume that the self-representatives in the House of Representatives do not want to jeopardize their current and future lucrative positions in the bank robbery gangs. Because "then you're a thief of your own wallet", as they are used to say.

Better a traitor than a thief of your own wallet

seems to be the motto of the modern members of parliament. Perhaps with the exception of some representatives of very small parties. With the large parties you first have to prove that you are corrupt and a traitor to the country, otherwise you don't get a position on the electoral list.


Content of the email to financial spokespersons of the Dutch parliament


I did sent another letter yesterday to the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs with the request to take action against the banking cartel and the systemic interest rate manipulation of Rabobank, ING bank, ABN-AMRO bank and many others.

My previous letter of 14-07-2019 has been completely ignored by the Deputy Minister. This time I sent the letter by registered mail.

I hereby send you as attachments:

  • My letters to the Deputy minister for Economic Affairs;

  • My letter to the Minister of Finance and his reply

I want:

  • 1. Dismantling of the banking cartel;

  • 2. Tough action against the bank robbers.

    Foremost I want a fine of at least 5 billion euros for the Rabobank. After the Libor affair they continued with interest rate manipulation and systematically robbing their customers in the Netherlands.

  • 3. Banishing of Kifid.

    Kifid is financed by the banks and turns out to be a toy of the banks. Kifid regularly makes rulings in conflicts, which are contrary to European law and jurisprudence.

    For evidence see: Kifid is speeltje van banken

  • 4. That the ACM (Authority Consumer and Markets) takes consumer complaints against the banks seriously.

    I have been fighting for many years with the Rabobank, which has stolen more than 10,000 euros from me through interest rate manipulation. I want the government to implement and enforce European law.

  • 5. Criminal investigation into the banks.

    After the Libor affair, extremely light fines were imposed by the disciplinary judge. In the Netherlands, the banks continued to bleed the bank accounts of their customers through interest rate manipulation. I believe that the entire board of all major Dutch banks should go to jail.

I request from you:

  • 1. To ask the Deputy Minister why she has refused for years to take action against the bank robbers' gangs. of Rabo bank, ING bank and ABN-AMRO bank.

  • 2. To call for a parliamentary inquiry (alternative translation: congressional hearings) of the entire financial world of the Netherlands, including

    • a. refusal to take action in the usury policy affair;

    • b. refusal to act against interest rate manipulation;

    • c. refusal to act against the banking cartel;

    • d. the criminal connections between the banks, the Dutch Central bank and the Ministry of Finance,

      especially with regard to 'punishing' consumers with extremely high interest rates with the apparent purpose of improving the balance sheets and the financial picture of the BV Netherlands.


      Dutch politicians often refer to the Netherlands as the 'BV Nederland' as if the Netherlands is a limited with shareholders. These shareholders are 'the Captains of industry', the political hooligans (or capos) that control our parliament and governmental institutions and the rich people. Workers with pensions are dependent of the profits made by the 'BV Nederland'. The rest of the people of the Netherlands are the victims of organized financial crimes.

      In the European Union the Dutch hooligan politicians are extremely anti-social. As Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem has only very harsh words for the Greece and Italy. Apparently, they are not as good in stealing and robbing the people as the Dutch. Currently (December 2020) the Dutch are extremely harsh against Poland and Hungary. These countries do not have 'a Rule of Law' like the Dutch have. The Dutch 'Rule of Law' is unbelievable insidious.



Only 50-Plus and 'Partij voor de dieren' have responded properly to the above email.


Is the 'B.V. the Netherlands' a criminal organization?

For me the impression has arisen, that Dutch political system, the large financial corporations, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the judiciary are one big criminal organization. I call upon you to take clear action to neutralize this impression.

The above impression was created by the following facts:

  • 1. Already in the early 1990's people warned against the usury policy affair. Politics has refused to intervene for more than 20 years.

  • 2. When the citizens got really furious, they were very cautious. No one was prosecuted, while there was certainly organized crime within the meaning of Article 140 of the Penal Code and structural fraud.

  • 2a. Given the seriousness of the situation, it would have been obvious to conduct a parliamentary enquiry into the entire financial world and the interdependence of the Ministry of Finance. Apparently the Dutch politicians were (and are) terrified that this cesspool would really open up.

  • 3. Minister of Finance Wouter Bos asked the Council for the Judiciary for instructions to avoid lawsuits. As Minister of Finance, he actively put pressure on the judiciary to help prevent criminal bankers from being criminally prosecuted.

  • 4. A complaint of me against Delta Lloyd was not dealt with by the Public Prosecutor's Office. An article 12 procedure against this rejection was rejected by the Court of Leeuwarden, because I would not be an interested party. I was a victim of the scams of Delta Lloyd. This was not a legal decision, but a political one.

  • 5. Rabobank has been tackled firmly by Switzerland and the USA in the Libor affair. In the Netherlands, two leading bankers received a fine of no less than 3000 euros for the Libor scandal. One leading banker was fined 1500 euros. And one junior employee was fined 750 euros. (Financieel Dagblad 17-08-2016)

    • These bankers are likely to earn more than a million euros a year, excluding bonuses. That is an hourly wage of more than 500 euros. They have caused billions of euros' worth of damage and stolen many hundreds of millions. And then the highest fine is 3,000 euros. Presumably they got a tummy ache from laughing.

    • These cases have been settled by the disciplinary judge. These criminals have not been criminally prosecuted. They have not received a prison sentence. They don't even have a criminal record. I suppose the Dutch politicians were afraid that they would talk in exchange for a reduction of punishment.

  • 6. Former Ministers and Deputy ministers of Finance and other departments and many members of parliament are rewarded with lucrative 'jobs' as members of Supervisory Boards at large financial institutions. Gerrit Zalm tops them all, with his misconduct at ABN-AMRO bank. The misbehavior of these Dutch political hooligans gives the strong impression that they refuse to enforce law and order, because they expect a reward after their 'tour-of-duty' in politics. Just look away for a few years and protect the criminal practices and then reap the rewards. That is the impression these hooligans give.

  • 7. In 2010 the NMA published: 'Quick Scan Mortgage Interest, An investigation into the margins on mortgages'. In this study, the NMA concludes that interest margins are high in historical perspective. The government was aware that there were strong indications of a banking cartel. Politicians apparently decided to look away stubbornly, for fear that otherwise they wouldn't be able to harvest lucrative 'jobs'.

  • 8. 12 October 2016, I wrote to the Minister of Finance requesting the dismantling of the banking cartel and a ban on variable interest, unless it is linked to an international standard (like Euribor).

    Zie: Open brief aan minister van financien

    Minister Dijsselbloem rejected both requests by letter (dd. 12-10-2016, reference 2016-0000184403). This is enclosed in full. Even limiting the possibilities to bleed the people financially through interest manipulation was too much to ask. (Subsequently, Minister Dijsselbloem thought he could lead the IMF as a reward for his help to the criminal cartel of financial institutions and Dutch hooligan politicians. Fortunately this did not happen.)






  • 9. In the letter mentioned above, the Minister of Finance stated: "The ACM is the authority to judge cartels"


    On 19-01-2018 I filed a complaint with the ACM. The ACM did NOT do anything with it.

    Zie: Enforcement of European Consumer Rights

    Here you can read their answer, when you can read Dutch. ACM refuses action against the cartel of banks

  • 10. The Financieel Dagblad (financial journal of the Netherlands) wrote on 21-03-2016:

    A top banker, who does not want to appear in the newspaper with his name, states that there must also be a punitive element in the debit interest rate. If the debit interest rate is too low, that aspect is omitted.'

    It actually says here that the major banks, presumably in a secret agreement with the Minister of Finance, created cartel agreements to rob consumers via interest rate manipulation. It was agreed that the consumer should be punished for debit. Why should they be punished? Probably because the consumer was so naive as to accept a contract with a gang of bank robbers. This whole attitude is contrary to human rights. Every human being has the right to a fair and public trial before a punishment can be imposed. The imposition of punishment is reserved for competent judges. It is completely unacceptable for a cartel of banks to punish consumers because they have followed the advice of their bank's financial advisor.

    These reports reveal a picture of bankers who are busy discussing interest rates and interest rate manipulation with each other and with the Ministry of Finance.

    • Attention! When five farmers sit around a kitchen table to agree on minimum prices to protect themselves against powerful supermarkets, they will be fined for making cartel agreements.

  • 11. The State of the Netherlands owned ABN-AMRO bank for some time and is now the largest shareholder. In fact, the Ministry of Finance determines the interest rate policy of ABN-AMRO bank. ABN-AMRO bank, together with ING bank and RABO bank, keeps interest rates artificially high in order to 'punish' consumers, to improve balance sheets with interest rate manipulation, to recover from the damage of the credit crunch of 2008 and to be able to give shareholders, CEOs and supervisory directors (former ministers and members of parliament) a lot of money. This gives the impression that the Netherlands is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

  • 11a The State of the Netherlands seems to take the position that when one takes over a company one does not compete with other similar companies. This is in fact an acknowledgement of a cartel agreement. All finance ministers since Wouter Bos have therefore led a criminal cartel.


The Trias Politica is corrupt

  • I have asked Minister of Finance and the Deputy minister for Economic Affairs to protect the Dutch people against the bank robbery of large criminal organizations such as Rabo bank, ABN-AMRO bank and ING bank.

    These political hooligans rejected all my requests.

  • I filed an official complaint against Delta Lloyd at the police station in Winschoten because of fraud in the usury-policy affair.

    The Public Prosecutor's Office has refused to process my complaint.

  • By means of an article 12 procedure I have asked the judiciary to summon the Public Prosecutor's Office to accept with my complaint.

    The Court of Appeal of Leeuwarden has declared my application inadmissible, because I am not be an interested party. The court based its ruling on the General Law Governing Rights.


This is evidence that the Trias Politica is corrupt.

The Trias Politica is fully at the service of the bank robbers gangs.


Indictment against the major political parties

In my opinion, ALL major political parties are guilty of:

  1. Collaboration with bank robbery gangs including Rabo bank, ABN-AMRO bank, ING bank and many others.

    All finance ministers have actively participated in the criminal activities of the bank robbery gangs. Gerrit Zalm ignored the usury policy affair. Wouter Bos asked the judiciary for help in setting up constructions to protect the bank robbers gangs against court cases. Jan Kees de Jager did whatever he could to avoid investigation into the bank robbery, when asked by GroenLinks, SP and PvdA. Jeroen Dijsselbloem refused to link the variable interest rate to an international standard. He did not want to restrict the criminal scope of the bank robbery gangs. Wopke Hoekstra refused to order the AFM (Authority Financial Markets) to uphold the European Consumer Rights.

  2. High treason.

    According to the old definition, treason amounts to selling your country's interests to a foreign power. Foreign power usually meant another nation-state.

    In modern society, the world is dominated by large corporations rather than nation states. Betrayal of your country now comes down to selling the interests of your country's inhabitants to large corporations.

    In this article I have proven that ALL major political parties have participated in the systematic robbery of the Dutch people by gangs of bank robbers, including Rabo bank, ABN-AMRO bank, ING bank and many others. Not one action has been taken against usury policies, interest rate derivatives, interest rate manipulation, cartels, et cetera. While Switzerland and the USA, among others, have imposed high fines on the Rabo bank robbery gang, Dutch politics has completely protected the Rabo bank robbery gang.


In this article I have proven that ALL major political parties are guilty of high treason, collaboration with gangs of bank robbers and the systematic robbery of the Dutch people. All major political parties have conspired to completely undermine the rule of law, to destroy confidence in politics and the judiciary system and to incite the Dutch people to revolution. The rapid rise of new political parties (like the Forum for Democracy) makes this very clear.

The hooligan politicians control the Dutch parliament and all governmental institutions. Their employers are the large financial institutions and very rich people. Public broadcasting is controlled by these hooligan politicians. Their employers control the rest of the media.

For more than 25 years the people of the Netherlands have been systematically robbed and betrayed. And now the Netherlands is sick and dying. The political system has rotted through and is completely unstable. Meanwhile, the Dutch hooligan politicians find it necessary to reproach Southern European countries and Eastern European countries. Individually, some members of parliament may have good intentions. But as a collective the Dutch hooligan politicians are repulsive, totally incompetent and completely corrupt.


Call to the political leaders of parliament:

This call is probably useless, but for the record I do it anyway. I call on you:

  • To ignore all suggestions and all advice of officials of Finance and Economic Affairs.

  • Radically choose the rule of law, decency, reliability and try to regain the trust of the people. To this end, you should:

    • Order the Minister of Finance to enforce the European Consumer Rights Directive.

    • Order the Deputy minister for Economic Affairs to tackle the banking cartel and impose the highest possible fines.

      Or even better: Kick Mona Keijzer out of The Hague right away, preferably tarred and feathered. And don't be so foolish to appoint her as mayor or something similar. Nobody in the municipalities or provinces will be pleased with a flunky of The Hague.

    • Order the Minister of Justice to ensure a grand scale criminal investigation into the criminal activities of the top bankers and into the bank robbery gangs including Rabo bank, ABN-AMRO bank, ING bank and many others.

      In particular, criminal prosecution should be considered on the basis of Article 140 of the Penal Code. It is obvious that the bank robbery gangs are organizations in the sense of article 140. The Public Prosecutor's Office must investigate whether there is sufficient evidence to support my assertion that criminal activities are an important objective for these gangs of bank robbers. If that can be proven, all members of the board of the bank robbery gangs can be prosecuted for leading a criminal organization. This would be an important step towards restoring trust in the rule of law.

    • Order the Minister of Justice to start a far-reaching criminal investigation into Rabobank.

      • Rabo accepted settlements in the Libor affair, the Euribor affair, the Calexico affair. In the Calexico affair they cooperated with an extremely violent Mexican drug cartel. In the Netherlands, this bank robbery gang has continued with interest rate manipulation, misleading trade practices, bank robbery and much more.

      • Drugs farms and drug laboratories are found almost every week in barns of farmers and the Rabobank, who finances these farmers, knows nothing about this? Surely you don't want to tell me that you believe that?

      • For decades Rabobank has been playing a pyramid game with the value of agricultural land. When a farmer sells his land, the Rabobank ensures that the selling price is so high that the farmer can pay his debts to the Rabo bank. The debt is passed on to the next generation. Meanwhile, the selling value is 10 TIMES as high as the real value. See The EU subsidizes Rabobank.

        The entire subsidy for Dutch farmers is swallowed up by Rabobank. One third of the EU budget goes to agricultural subsidies and almost everything goes to large banks. Why do you accept that?

      • After Rabo reached a $1 billion dollar settlement with the U.S. judicial authorities, a bank was opened in Calexico near the border with Mexico. Together with a former top DEA employee, cocaine revenues were laundered for hundreds of millions of dollars. To this end, Rabo reached another settlement with the U.S. judicial authorities.

  • Radically opt for a very extensive parliamentary inquiry of the entire financial world of the Netherlands, including the role of the Dutch Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the AFM and the ACM.

    For more than 20 years, you have followed the criminal advice of corrupt administrators and criminal officials. You have opted for organized crime instead of decency and honor. You are now obliged to investigate where things went wrong and what needs to be done to restore the rule of law and trust.

    You are either corrupt or you have been too gullible and have relied on the criminal advice of the officials at the top of the Ministry of Finance. These thugs will undoubtedly warn you. If you do what I ask you to do, banks may collapse. If the citizens start to demand full compensation, the equity of the bank robbers' gangs will disappear like ice in the sun. But what is bad about that? When banks collapse, you nationalize them and turn them into decent, reliable and very boring banks. No top criminals are needed to run decent banks. There are plenty of ordinary common people who are willing to run a decent and boring bank for hundred thousand euro a year. Decent people do not demand a salary of millions of euros per year exclusive bonuses and stock options. To mislead the entire House of Representatives for 20 years and systematically suck an entire people dry without causing a revolution, that is indeed an art. To do that you have to be a rare psychopath. They are scarce. But should we want figures like that? And should we reward them with an annual salary of one million euros or more, excluding bonuses and stock options? What kind of society would we be if we allow psychopaths like that dominate society?

    As soon as the Public Prosecutor has proven that the bank robbery gangs (Rabo bank, ABN-AMRO bank, ING bank and many others) are criminal organizations, the 'pluk-ze' legislation can be used to strip the bank directors off everything they have. This is not enough to fully compensate the Dutch people, but it does help.

    For more than 20 years, the Dutch people have been systematically robbed by insurers and banks. It involves the theft of hundreds of billions of euros, probably more than 1,000 billion euros. You have been stubbornly looking away this entire century and refusing to tackle the problems. That amounts to treason. I urge you to come to your senses and put your house in order.


Signed: Andreas Firewolf


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Pyramid scheme with farmland

The Rabobank is a monoplolist in lending to Dutch farmers. Rabobank provides work for the appraisers. They are fully dependent on Rabobank and follow its instructions. These appraisers have driven up the price, following instructions of the Rabo bank.

24 Sept 2019 I asked the ACM:

  1. Enforce the European Consumer Rights

  2. End the cartel of banks.

    • The interest rates for credit in the Netherlands are more than FOUR times higher than in Germany.

    • Bankers, the Dutch Central Bank and the Minister of Finance have made secret criminal agreements to force the Dutch consumers to pay for the credit crunch.


19 Nov. 2019 they wrote back:

Click to see scans of the official answer of the ACM

General Law Governing Rights


is an extremely insidious law of the Netherlands

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The Netherlands does not have a working constitution



Toleration policy

The Netherlands developed an extremely insidious policy, which they call 'Gedoogbeleid' (Toleration policy.) They tolerate gross violations of the law, when it suits their purpose. When they don't like you, they have an enormous arsenal of outrageous laws to punish and torment minorities and people who are different.

Paradise for financial criminality


The Netherlands is a paradise for financial criminality. Large financial corporations steal and rob as much as they want.

Rule of law became a Rule of favors


Toleration policy is the translation of the Dutch word 'Gedoogbeleid'. It is an extremely insidious policy.

It means that the authorities decide if they tolerate violations of the law or that they punish you for it. When you have friends in 'the system', you get away with everything. When 'the system' wants to trample you, the civil servants have an enormous arsenal of laws, that nobody can keep.

Pyramid scheme with farmland

The Rabobank is a monoplolist in lending to Dutch farmers. Rabobank provides work for the appraisers. They are fully dependent on Rabobank and follow its instructions. These appraisers have driven up the price, following instructions of the Rabo bank.

Ultra white nationalism in the Netherlands

Mark Rutte, the prime-minister of the Netherlands, wants to return to the mindset of 'the Golden Century', when the Netherlands was 'great' in slave trade, colonialism, genocide, et cetera.

Position of minorities in the Netherlands.
RABO-bank betrayed Mexican Drug Cartel
From EU to United States of Europe (USE)
Israel and Iraq: road-map to peace
1000 billion euro for nepotism and cronyism
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