'Toleration policy' in the Netherlands


Toleration policy is the translation of the Dutch word 'Gedoogbeleid'. It is an extremely insidious policy.

It means that the authorities decide if they tolerate violations of the law or that they punish you for it. When you have friends in 'the system', you get away with everything. When 'the system' wants to trample you, the civil servants have an enormous arsenal of laws, that nobody can keep.


Rule of law became a Rule of favors

Officially the Netherlands has a Rule of law. It has laws, police, prosecutors, judges and lawyers. It has courtrooms and they often take much time for a verdict. But this is just window dressing.

Before a judge can decide about right or wrong, you have to get a case before a judge. And the Dutch are extremely corrupt when it comes to that. They invented a system which they call 'gedoogbeleid'. This translates to 'toleration policy'.

The Dutch politicians have created an enormous amounts of laws. Nobody can adhere to them all. When 'the system' likes you, the law is not kept. Breaking the law is tolerated, when 'the system' likes you. But when 'the system' wants to destroy you, there are always laws that you did not keep. In the Netherlands you break laws constantly. Mostly laws that no one knows. But the civil servants can find laws to trample you with, as soon as they want to torment you. I speak from first hand experience. Here is an example.


Civil servants abuse toleration policy to persecute people with a different religion:

A complete version of this case you can find on the site in the Dutch languagean: Voedings en Waren Autoriteit discrimineert en beledigt I will give you a brief overview in English.



In 2003 I started a small web shop for my students. With this website I offered high quality capsules with herbs with healing properties. I did not advertise. Only a few people bought online in 2003.

On the website there where statements like:

ALFALFA, to be used at: Menopause complaints, anaemia, prevention of osteoporosis.

Because of its iron content Alfalfa is also suitable for general fatigue and anemia. A regular intake of Alfalfa also helps to prevent high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

On 30 June 2003 the civil servant Annette Tragter came to my house with complaints about my website. What I wrote was considered against the law. Tragter behaved extremely offensive. She told me, that she had studied my website intensely. She was aware of the fact that Panorama (a magazine) had called me an extreme-right cult-leader and that Panorama had to rectify this. Her colleagues had advised her not to go alone, she stated. She had been at my house before at 26 June with a colleague, but I was not at home. That is what she stated. Peculiar that she turned up 30 June all alone.

During her visit she stated more than once that she was interested in Witchcraft. I do not know if she wanted to offend me or that she was sexually frustrated. She hinted on sexual magical initiations. I am not a Witch. The Circle of Light and Love is not about witchcraft or old religion.

She stated: selling herbs and making statements of any good use of these herbs is a violation of the new regulations of the European Union. I stated to her, that it is impossible to keep up with the diarrhea of regulations of the EU but that it would have been enough to send me an email. A half hour after she left my website was in accordance with the regulations of the EU. Still I was fined with 680 euro.

In most cases entrepreneurs are first warned and only after several warnings they get a fine. On 6 September 2003 the newspapers reported, that civil servants had checked restaurants, found that they sold tap water as mineral water and that they only received warnings.

On the webpage Voedings en Waren Autoriteit discrimineert en beledigt I give several examples of toleration policy of the Dutch authorities. Not applying this toleration policy in my case is a strong example of the systematic discrimination of minorities in the Netherlands.

According to human rights I am entitled to a fair trial and I should get legal aid. I had the possibility to go to court against this fine of 680 euro. I should bring my own lawyer and pay for it myself. The court was in Rotterdam, three hours away from were I lived. So the court would cost me a day and I would have to pay for a lawyer. Going that road would mean punishing myself with much higher costs than 680 euro. So I did not have a fair trial. I would suffer anyway.

I wrote about this to the Minister responsible for that organization. I did not get any response.

At 22 December 2003 I wrote to the Staten Generaal (the Parliament) in which I informed them about the misbehaviour of the Dutch authorities. They did not respond. See: Brief aan de De leden der Staten Generaal


More examples you can find at Black Peet, C..t-Moroccans and genocide



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Position of minorities in the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands does not have a working constitution



Toleration policy

The Netherlands developed an extremely insidious policy, which they call 'Gedoogbeleid' (Toleration policy.) They tolerate gross violations of the law, when it suits their purpose. When they don't like you, they have an enormous arsenal of outrageous laws to punish and torment minorities and people who are different.

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Position of minorities in the Netherlands.
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