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I don't like social media. The companies behind it are not very social, in my opinion. Some companies encourage anti-social behavior and/or try to get you addicted to the social media. When you are addicted to 'likes' you should get therapy.


No like-button or twitter-button

When a webpage has a facebook-button, the website sends a message with the page and your ip-number to facebook. With a twitter-button, twitter gets that information. This happens long before you click on anything.

Facebook and twitter have vast data files linked with your ip-number. Facebook knows more about you, than the NSA knows about the most wanted terrorist.

And Google? Almost every website has google-analytics. (Not this site !) Via google analytics lots of data about your activities on the internet and your webpage visits is send to Google. Google is not better than facebook.


I have a Facebook page

But I do not post much on it. When there are new articles, I will post a message on facebook.

If you want to send me a personal message, the best way to do it is by using the Contact-form.

If you want to be informed about new articles, then Register as a member of this site. I will not track you or keep data about you, other than your username, screenname and email address. If you want more privacy, you can get a free or private email address from many companies.

As an alternative of registering as a member of this site, you can follow me on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/andreas.firewolf.


No privacy violations on this site

When you visit this site, your visit is not revealed to any other company.

Most websites work with many external javascript files. The owner of such a website does not know what these javascript files do and what information they send to the companies that maintain these javascript files.

Not with this site. This site works with the CMS of Nul-A Computers. All javascripts are from Nul-A Computers. No data is collected, except what you yourself submit.

No cookies. The CMS of Nul-A Computers does not put cookies on your computer. So there is no cookie warning. However ... You have to allow cookies if you want to log in. Not because we put cookies on your computer. Your browser will put a session-id on your computer, so that it can communicate with the server and identify the session. No information about you or what you do is put in that id.


No security issues on this site

Every other day you find out, that websites have been hacked and that personal data of the registered users has been obtained. But not with this site.

This site runs on a high security server. Technically: it is a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, Php) with NFT as firewall. It is not possible to hack this server. In case you doubt this: Do not try to hack it. Every hack attempt is registered and after a few illegal activities your ip-number will be blocked. The server maintains a set of of blocked ip-numbers. This is done with NFT. Once your ip-number is in that set, the server will refuse every connection with your ip-number.


No personal data of you on my server

When you become a registered member, I only keep your email address, your username and password and your screenname. And these data items are encrypted. Your password is encrypted with one-way encryption. That means: The server can check if your password is valid, but I can not retrieve it. (When you loose your password, I can give you a new password.)

No payment data. When you pay me, you do that with Ideal (in Europe) or with Paypal. I do not keep data about your bank account or Paypal account.



Promote us !!!

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I do not participate with twitter and most other 'social' media. But feel free to tweet about this page. Or put a link to this page on your facebook page, if you have one.

You can find more about social media on the page Social media.


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I do not like social media

and I am firmly against privacy violations.


This site respects your privacy. Read here more about it.

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Native European shamanism

The world tree Yggdrasil

There is no truth

Germanic tribes lived from about 3500 BC to 100 AD. Each tribe had its own myths and customs. And they changed over time.

So we can not say things like: "The Germanic people were like this and they believed that".

Edda means wit

When you put a 'V' before the word Edda, you get Vedda or Veda.

Vedda or Wedda is related to the Dutch word 'weten' and the Germand word 'wissen' (to know) and the English word 'Wit'

The Edda, the Rig Veda en the Zend Avesta have the same origin.

Where did Germanic peoples come from

According to DNA research of David Reich et al. the Germanic people came from Central Asia from the Yamnaya culture.

Werewolves and Werebears

Hate against women

Did the old Germanic peoples hate or despise women?

In the Edda's and other old writings about the Germanic peoples and their mythology the women are almost completely ignored. Does this reflect the attitude of the old Germanic peoples or the attitude of the Christian writers?

Óðinn is not Óðinn

When authors use the label Óðinn, what are they referring to? Do different authors use the label Óðinn to refer to the same 'thing'?

I distinguish the following different meanings of Óðinn.

  1. Óðinn as father of all, as Anima Solaris.

  2. Óðinn as Hangatýr.

  3. Woden woody as deity of the woods.

  4. Óðinn as father of the fallen.

  5. Óðinn as a heroic person, a king, a sorcerer, a con-artist.

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