This article is about WHAT TRANCE-FORMATION is.

When you want to read about HOW to do a TRANCE-FORMATION read How to TRANCE-FORM.


What can you do with TRANCE-FORMATION?

  • Changing your unconscious behavior:

    • Success and prosperity are mainly a result of your unconscious behavior. You can influence your unconscious so that your unconscious automatically creates success and prosperity.

    • Get What You Want: When a plan fails, it's often because we subconsciously don't support it, feel guilty, doubt or hesitate, or fear. You can learn to clear all these unconscious blockages.

  • Changing your unconscious attitude:

    • You can learn to radiate success and to appear confident.

    • You can learn to love yourself, your partner, other people.

    • You can learn to accept your sexuality.

    • You can learn to accept your spirituality.

    • If you are short on money, it is usually the result of your unconscious attitude towards money. With TRANCE-FORMATION you can learn to love and handle money with care. It takes some programming. But once you've changed your unconscious attitude, your money problems will be a thing of the past.


Inner and outer transformation:

  • The objectives of TRANCE-FORMATION are: inner and outer transformation. I like to compare this with a caterpillar and a butterfly. A caterpillar spins into a cocoon and then becomes a pupa. In the cocoon, the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. When this transformation process is complete, the butterfly crawls out of the pupa and dries its wings. Then the butterfly has transformed from a worm-like creature bound to the earth, to a beautiful winged creature that can fly wherever it wants.

  • Something similar happens to us during a TRANCE-FORMATION. We create a mental and spiritual cocoon during the TRANCE-FORMATION. In that cocoon we transform ourselves into a higher developed being. With each TRANCE-FORMATION we transform a little more. Thus we are on our way to transform from a simple earthworm to a winged bringer of light and love.


Guided meditation with visualization

A TRANCE-FORMATION is often a stereo sound file containing a spoken meditation or visualization with a soothing background. But it could also be video or dolby surround or something like that. In the past, TRANCE-FORMATIONS were offered on cassette tapes and CDs, among other things. From 2015 mainly as an MP3 file, which can be downloaded via the internet.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS have a soothing background with a Differential Beat between 3 and 12 Hz. This beat helps your brain "go to alpha" or "go to theta" and focuses the brain waves around a chosen frequency. The set frequency is ideal to develop the contact between the conscious and the unconscious.

    • We use a different frequency for each chakra. What chakras are becomes clear by following the lessons. Everything is clearly explained and you learn to feel and develop your chakras.

    • TRANCE-FORMATIONS features all kinds of special sound effects, which help your left and right hemispheres work better together.

    • The background and the text in the foreground together help you to develop the enormous potential of your brain.

  • A TRANCE-FORMATION contains a complete and very well-developed program on a specific subject. You look at that subject from all sides. You learn to look at your life and your behavior in a new way. That alone is great.

  • When you 'go to alpha or theta' with a certain intention, it often happens that you forget your intention 'on the way to alpha or theta'. Or that you just lose focus in alpha. A TRANCE-FORMATION keeps reminding you of the selected program. With a TRANCE-FORMATION you can work very effectively on the 'alpha level' and on the 'theta level'.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS are very suggestive. There are no fully completed programs that just don't seem to work for you. On the contrary. The TRANCE-FORMATIONS ask you questions, invite you to look at yourself and give you the space to come up with solutions and to fill in the details yourself.

    • You may wonder if you can. Are you creative enough to fill in the details yourself? The answer is: Yes! At the 'alpha level' you are much more creative and wise than at your usual daily level of consciousness. TRANCE-FORMATION teaches you to tap into this source of inner wisdom.


Insight and self-control with TRANCE-FORMATION

Many people limit themselves, limit their spiritual growth and make themselves unhappy. TRANCE-FORMATION gives you insight into yourself and control over your unconscious.

To transform means to change. If you bake a clay vase in the kiln, it will be transformed into pottery. When you transform yourself, you change into a better and happier person.

A TRANCE-FORMATION is a guided visualization in which you transform yourself. But not every guided visualization is a TRANCE-FORMATION. During a guided visualization, you imagine certain things. For example, that you are walking through a forest, while you are lying on the couch at home. A TRANCE-FORMATION helps you to imagine things, which changes your inner self. You learn to deal with difficult situations better, you improve your social skills, or you get rid of a harmful habit. For example, you stop smoking.

In addition, TRANCE-FORMATION works with special sound effects. The most effective TRANCE-FORMATIONS are therefore on sound file. You listen to it with stereo headphones. Left and right you hear different sound effects. These stimulate both your left and right brain hemispheres. As a result, both hemispheres of the brain learn to work together better and you become more intelligent.

The sound effects induce a TRANCE. Shamans do that with drums. TRANCE-FORMATION generates a TRANCE with a high-tech sound calculated by a computer.

The TRANCE can be compared a bit with self-hypnosis or with alpha training. But you don't have to worry that you'll never wake up from your TRANCE. Those are stories from movies. With TRANCE-FORMATION you gain self control over your entire mind, also over the deeper layers. That is why you also have control over yourself in a deep TRANCE.


Alpha training and Theta training

Your brain can work at four different speeds: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. If you're tense, you're in beta. In that state, you can make quick decisions, but your decisions are usually routine and thoughtless. If you daydream, you are in alpha. Then you relax and your body recovers. In that state you can find creative solutions to your problems. If you go even deeper into TRANCE, you are in theta. Then you are less sensitive to pain. This state is especially suitable for trauma processing. If you go any deeper, you'll get into delta. You are usually in a deep sleep.

TRANCE-FORMATION works with alpha and theta.


Your biocomputer

We often compare the human body to a robot, but not the human being. The total human being is much more than a robot. We compare the mind with the computer programs, that control the body (the robot). The mind can process a lot of information in a very short time, without consciousness being involved. And just like a big computer, there are many programs running simultaneously in the mind.


Higher Consciousness

When do you have higher consciousness? Do you have a higher consciousness or not? Some people think in either-or. For example, people think: "You have a higher consciousness or you don't". This is a limiting belief. You can see the road to higher consciousness as a growth process. You have a little, sufficient or much higher consciousness. Higher consciousness gradually increases. There is a distinction in the following:

Some people never realized

that they can control and program themselves.

They have no sense of higher consciousness.

Other people occasionally realize that they can program themselves. But they often forget. People who are engaged in spiritual growth are aware most of the day that they can program themselves and take control of their own lives.

After reading this page you are aware that you can program yourself. You can function as a system administrator and as a programmer of your own biocomputer (your brain). If you don't do anything with it, you'll forget about it in a few days. If you start TRANCE-FORMING systematically from now on, your consciousness will increase more and more. You grow more and more in wisdom, insight and self-awareness. You gain more control over yourself and you achieve more and more what you want. This also makes your life easier. Start now!

During a TRANCE-FORMATION you can do several things. For example, you can live through a myth or process a trauma. We do that in theta. You can also look at your behavior and rationally analyze and improve your behavior. Then you can reprogram your unconscious programs. We usually do this in alpha, because that works best.


Expand your behavioral patterns

During your upbringing you copy a number of behavioral patterns of parents, teachers and peers. If you stop developing yourself, you will be stuck with this limited set of patterns. TRANCE-FORMATION can help you develop and program other patterns. You can improve old patterns or create entirely new patterns.

During social encounters you often don't think. If your boss yells at you, you won't have half an hour to come up with an appropriate response. You give a standard response. You choose one of your pre-programmed behavioral patterns. If you only have one pattern, say knocking your boss to the ground, you have a problem. If you have a large collection of patterns, you can choose the pattern that best suits you and the situation.

TRANCE-FORMATION is a form of meditation that you can use to expand your behavioral patterns. You do that with visualization. And it can be applied to everything: your behavior at work, behavior towards parents and/or children, behavior towards a lover, sexual behavior, behavior while driving, etc. As you expand your set of behavior patterns, you develop your emotional intelligence and your social capacities.


Meditation, TRANCE-FORMATION and Visualization

What do you think meditation is? Is it:

  • Sitting without movement, without thinking, 'just' keeping the mind empty.

  • Repeating a word, phrase, or mantra over and over.

  • Focus on the flame of a candle, without blinking. This is actually not meditation but concentration.

There are many forms of meditation. Each form has different effects. Some forms are difficult for beginners, others are easy. You have to find the form that is right for you.

TRANCE-FORMATION is a form of meditation with the aim of transforming yourself. During a trance you recreate yourself. A trance is NOT a state of unconsciousness. You don't get outside of yourself. It's just an alternate state of consciousness. When you're in a train or car (as a passenger) and staring out the window, you're probably in some kind of trance. When you are daydreaming, you are in a kind of trance.

TRANCE-FORMATION uses visualization. You imagine things and you program new behavior. You imagine that you are walking in a forest. Or you pretend to be in a confrontation with your boss. You visualize his/her behavior and program a desired response to your boss with visualization.


Improve the world, start with yourself!

That's a nice saying. But it only becomes valuable when you put it into practice. If you improve yourself a little every day, your life will look completely different in three months. Then your life will have meaning and it will become more and more fun on earth.

How do you improve your life? If you do a TRANCE-FORMATION every day, you will improve automatically.


High Tech Meditation

A TRANCE-FORMATION is often a stereo audio recording. But it could also be video or dolby surround or something like that. I will present it here as stereo audio.

A TRANCE-FORMATION has a foreground and a background.

In the foreground you can hear a voice that gives you suggestions, asks questions, stimulates you to visualize certain things. The voice creates a structure, you provide the content of your TRANCE-FORMATION. Although the audio file remains the same, your TRANCE FORMAT will be different every time you do it. Not only are you listening to a TRANCE-FORMATION, but you are also doing a TRANCE-FORMATION. It is an active process. The more active and aware you are, the better the results.

In the background you can hear all kinds of relaxing sounds: ocean waves, running water, birds, crickets, etc.


Differential beat or binaural beat

Among these sounds is a regular pulse in stereo format. The left sound has a different sound than the right. The frequency difference is called 'differential beat' or 'binaural beat'. Within these two sounds there is a different frequency. It can have the same rhythm as the differential beat, but it doesn't have to. Each of the two sounds is made up of different sine waves, ranging from 24 Hz to 21,000 Hz. The high frequencies do different things to your brain than the low frequencies.

These two sounds are calculated with a computer program that Andreas Firewolf has written for this purpose. Typically, an MP3 audio file will have a beat that is accurate to more than a thousandth of a herz.


Use good stereo headphones

A TRANCE-FORMATION deserves good stereo headphones. You can do a TRANCE-FORMATION with any sound device. It doesn't make much difference to the foreground. But if you want the full benefit of the computer generated background noise, you need to use good stereo headphones.


Some TRANCE-FORMATIONS are specific to stereo headphones

With some TRANCE-FORMATIONS you hear different voices at the same time, for example left and right. These can only be properly listened to with stereo headphones.





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