Save the world or save yourself?

Is the world sick?

Since Al Gore presented his 'An inconvenient truth' many people are worried about the future. I have seen many of these waves or hypes, even in this incarnation. During the seventies many people believed that the end was coming soon. When we approached 1984, many people predicted eternal doom. When we approached 2000, many people believed that the end of the world was near. When the UFO's did not land at 1 January 2000, many people were very disappointed. And now, many people believe that there will be a big event in 2012. Other people believe a big climate change is coming.

Because people are worried they think they should do something 'to save the planet'. We receive calls 'to heal the planet', 'to meditate to save the world'. Should we 'save the world'? Is there something to be saved? Or is this just arrogance and ego?

There is nothing wrong with the world

First of all: there is nothing wrong with the world. Humans are just part of the evolution of the earth. During the past billion years a lot of carbon was deposited deep within the earth. Now humans have brought this carbon back in circulation. This carbon is building material for plants. If there is more co2 in the atmosphere, the plants will grow a lot better. So in fact we are doing the planet a favour by driving a car.

When you 'meditate to save the planet' you send out the idea that something is wrong. Do you believe that the planet is wrong? Probably not. Do you believe that other people behave wrong? Yes! That is exactly what you are transmitting. When you 'meditate to save the planet' you send out the idea that the behaviour of other people is wrong. That is an act of very violent aggression towards other people.

Change yourself

Do you believe that your behaviour is wrong? In that case, you should change your own behaviour. In that case you should 'meditate to save yourself'.

In the dutch language I have created about 200 CD's with TRANCE-FORMATIONS to change yourself. In the English language there are about 30 CD's available. I will put them on the internet for downloading.

A TRANCE-FORMATION is a meditation in which you meditate upon yourself and in which you change your own behaviour, your own attitude, your own believe-system. It is very aggressive to try to change the world or to try to change other people. It is very good to change yourself. If you want to improve the world, improve yourself.

The world is changing

I am not saying that Al Gore is wrong. I believe that the statement of Al Gore points in the right direction. But my interpretation of the facts is different.

Yes, the earth is changing. Yes, the climate is changing. But I don't see that as wrong.

If we continue to use oil and coal as in the past century, we will have a strong impact on the planet. The temperature on earth could rise with several degrees Celsius. With a rise of two to three degrees, the ocean-level could rise with 25 meters. My own country (the Netherlands) will drown in the north-sea. But is that wrong?

There are other changes coming. The magnetic field of the earth is diminished in the past 200 years. This has nothing to do with human activities. It is a natural process. Some scientists believe, that there will be a reversal of magnetic poles. The south pole will become the north pole and vice versa. The last time that this happened was 720.000 years ago. This will have a major impact on every living being on earth.

You can try to fight the changes and become extinct. You can also change yourself and adapt yourself to the new earth. I advise you to stop fighting the change and to embrace it.

Save yourself

One can divide humanity in two groups of people. One group lives in their head and heart and head are divided. The people who belong to this group will become extinct. The other group consists op people who live with their heart and head. Many people of this group will survive the coming changes.

If you believe that nothing will change, or if you believe that the earth can change and you fight the change, you will not adapt yourself to the changes. You continue your life in a big city or near the sea. This will diminish your chances for survival.

If you believe that the earth can change and you embrace the change, you can adapt yourself to the changes. In that case you have a good chance to survive the change. You should not fight the change but embrace it. You should not try to save the world. The world doesn't need saving. You can spend your time much better by saving yourself. But how do you do that?

How do you save yourself?

  1. Move out of the big cities, move to higher ground in a rural area.
  2. Find people with a similar attitude and with the desire to survive. Form a stable group with these people and learn to work with group-energies and group-processes. For this purpose I founded the Circle of Light and Love.
  3. Learn how to live without a supermarket, without a supplier of electricity and water. Learn how to build the land, grow food, preserve food. Learn how to build a house. Learn how to use rainwater, purify waste-water, how to generate electricity.
  4. Learn how to acquire materials for building and for tools. Learn how to work metal, how to make concrete, how to produce stones.
  5. Learn to cooperate with other survivalist-groups. Learn how to barter. Learn to create things or services which can be exchanged with other people.
  6. Learn how to educate, how to teach children. Get books for the education of yourself and the children of your group. Do not rely solely on e-books, books on DVD, etc. An e-book is hard to read without a computer.
  7. Learn to take care of your physical health. Learn modern medicine as much as you can and learn how to heal with herbs and food. Modern medicine will not be available for some time during the changes.
  8. Learn to take care of the sensual, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Learn psychology, sexuology, spirituality.

Do not try to learn everything yourself. Specialize yourself in two or three areas. Ban together with other like-minded people, who specialize in some other areas of expertise. In a good group, every essential area is covered by at least two persons. If one gets ill or dies, another person can take over.

The first step

First of all you really need a mental change. You should prepare yourself for a live that is completely different of what you are used to.

You have to toughen up. If you have never been to a war-zone, never experienced real hardship, you can become very emotional or even sentimental about people who die. This is not beneficial. If the complete western society would change in the next year, it is possible that we can avoid a disaster. But this is not very likely to happen. I consider it very probable that people try to continue their lives as long as they can. This will cause a drastic climate-change and then many people will die. Not a few million but probably a billion or more. It is quite hard to imagine a billion casualties in about a decade. The whole second world war caused 'only' 54 million casualties in six years. Imagine hundred million casualties each year for about a decade. Before this happens you should get over your sentimentality. You have to toughen up.

You should devote yourself to survival and to living in a group. Living in a group is quite difficult if you have been raised in western society. You need to transform your attitude, your behaviour and your personality. This takes time.

You need to form a group or become part of a group. You have to find out who and what you are. If you are a leader, you should learn how to form your own group. If you are a follower, you should find a leader you can trust. Together with the other members of your group you should learn how to live in a group and you should learn survival-skills.

Stop wasting your time. You should complete the first steps this year. Do not hesitate. Devote yourself to survival. Or if you don't want to survive, devote your time to completing your live before disaster strikes. Ask yourself: If I have only one year left, what should I do in that remaining year? Do those things. If you have another year, ask yourself the same question.

Do not believe in a sudden ending of the world or a sudden saving of the world. The UFO's will not land in 2012, people will not get enlightened from one day on another. People are quite hard to change, and those who try to change themselves do not change overnight. I speak form personal experience. I have been transforming myself continuously since September 1974.

The end of western society will not come in one sudden burst. It will be more like several disasters. You can expect hurricanes like Katrina, but much worse. You can expect a gradual rise of the sea-level and floodings because of this. Then people will try to relocate to higher grounds. This might cause a third world war, but I really hope we can avoid that. All kinds of services will be discontinued. Electricity might fail, food-supply to the cities might fail, medical services might fail. You should expect epidemics, because of failing medical services.

Circle of Light and Love

As an aid for survival during the period of change I created the Circle of Light and Love.

On the physical level it is a group of friends who want to change and grow in a spiritual manner. This in itself is great, even when there are no disasters.

Seen from the spiritual level a Circle of Light and Love is a group of people who take control over their lives with spiritual power. With TRANCE-FORMATIONS and visualizations one can influence the shape of the events to come. You can visualize healthy plants and a great crop. You can visualize your own health and live a better and healthier live. You can visualize harmony within your own Circle of Light and Love. You can visualize ... With visualization and other spiritual techniques your group can survive.

In the Circle of Light and Love we work with nine different planes of existence. The first five are:

  1. Physical plane
  2. Sensual (or etheric) plane
  3. Emotional (or astral) plane
  4. Mental plane
  5. Spiritual plane

There are techniques to work on these different planes and to improve your environment on all these planes. When you are not aware of the emotional plane and you do not purify it on a regular basis, their is a good chance that emotional arguments will follow. This can cause a break-up of your group. With simple techniques you can purify your emotional environment and prevent emotional arguments.

In the coming months I will put more and more material about the Circle of Light and Love and about Yggdrasil on this website, including TRANCE-FORMATIONS. Things will go faster if I get more donations. As long as I do not earn enough money from doing this, I have to earn my money with other work. There are only seven days in a week. Make a donation if you like. Thanks!

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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