Aura and chakra cleansing


Purification and smudging of the aura in shamanistic fashion

Purification and smudging of the aura in shamanistic fashion




Etheric and astral dirt can accumulate in your aura. In the aura of many people there are remnants of resentment, sadness, anger, hatred, jealousy and all kinds of other destructive emotions. In many people, the chakras are clogged by these harmful energies. The consequences can be:




  • You are performing below your ability. You know you can do (much) more, but it just doesn't work out.

  • Your dreams are dark or you often lie awake.

  • Sometimes you are confused.

  • You regularly suffer from headaches.

  • Periodically you are emotional for no good reason.

  • You are often tired, irritable or irritated.

  • You plan things, but you don't carry them out.

  • You regularly let yourself be tempted into things you don't really want.

  • You suffer from unreasonable fears or phobias.

  • You often suffer from abdominal pain, sometimes you are nauseous or you have to vomit.


If you have five or more of these symptoms, make an appointment for an aura cleansing.


The above symptoms are usually attributed to psychological problems. But what are psychological problems and what can you do about it? Often people also say: "It's between your ears!" That's not quite right. It's in your aura and your chakras. And an aura cleansing can bring relief.


With an aura-cleansing Andreas Firewolf wipes your aura clean and purifies your carmic body with a feather, magical chanting, sage and his power. Firewolf meditates since 1974 and has developed an enormous power.

Your aura and chakras can be cleansed during an aura-cleansing. Depressions, fears and anxieties diminish and you get more energy.

If you want to make an appointment for an aura-cleansing or an initiation, you can use the form below.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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Mental, emotional and sentimental hygiene

Today (2018) there are many non-physical epidemics. One epidemic of madness and/or idiocy is not over and the next is already on its way.

Non-physical epidemics arise from lack of:

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