RABO-bank betrayed Mexican Drug Cartel


All employees and all members of their families at risk




The Dutch Rabobank has a bank in Calexico, a little town near the Mexican border. This bank was used to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. That is the official story. This story is hard to believe. And there is another story.

The Rabobank was a key-player in the Libor-scandal. A group of large banks has manipulated the interest rates to gain more money. The Rabo-bank accepted a plea-bargain. Not all the details are made public. There is a suspicion, that the Rabobank got some leniency in return of cooperation with the DEA to get a grip on Mexican drug cartels. The Rabobank in Calexico seems to be used for this purpose. If this is true, then the Rabobank has become a participant in the war on drugs and is now a target for retaliation of a Mexican drug cartel. Then all employees of the Rabobank and all their family-members are at risk.


Sting operation

There are two strong indications, that the Rabobank did participate with a sting operation against a Mexican drug cartel.

1: The plea bargain in the Libor scandal would have become void if the Rabobank had committed new crimes in the USA. Laundering money and refusing to report suspicious money transfers to the authorities should have been enough to nullify the plea bargain. But the Justice departments did not respond.

2: The person who was responsible for the Rabobank in Calexico was Laura A. This woman worked for the OCC ( Office of the Comptroller of the Currency ) before she became manager for the Rabo-bank in Calexico. She knew the regulations and violated them on purpose. As a former OCC employee she also had knowledge how to hide transactions. She did not apply this knowledge. As if she wanted to get caught. Why would an OCC employee become a bank-manager in a small town and set up a money laundering operation, while she knew she would be caught? And why is she not in prison? Why was she not fired by the Rabobank? (She is now working in Asia, at a safe distance from the Mexican drug cartel. )

Since the DEA and the Justice Department will not comment on sting operations, we will not have certainty. But I have no doubt about this. I strongly believe, that the Rabobank declared war on the Mexican drug cartels as part of the plea-bargain.


Violation of Dutch law

In the Netherlands sting-operations are against the law. Participants in a sting-operation will be punished in the same way as the people that commit a crime. (In the Dutch law: Article 47 Sr. Deelneming c.q. uitlokking.) Since the Rabobank is a Dutch bank, it should not violate the Dutch law, not even in the USA. And it is unacceptable when the board of directors of the Rabobank declare war in the USA on drug cartels, to buy off criminal prosecution.


There is much more !!!

The RABO bank is fined for 1 billion dollar. The second highest fine in the Libor scandal.

On top of that, the RABO bank was forced to participate in an extremely dangerous sting operation, risking extreme violence of a Mexican drug cartel. WHY ???

Apparently the RABO bank did much more than 'only' stealing from customers and other banks with manipulation of interest rates. Apparently, the Justice Department has something extremely bad, to force the RABO bank to double cross a Mexican drug cartel and to violate the Dutch law. I want to know, what has been kept secret !!!


Fear for retaliation

We know, that Mexican drug cartels can retaliate with extreme violence when they are betrayed. In many cases they kill all family-members of people that betray them. This means, that the board of directors put all employees and all their family-members at risk. Any moment they can be killed by enforcers of the Mexican drug cartel.

I would like to make the following request to the Mexican drug cartel, that has been wronged by the Rabobank. If you want to retaliate, please don't target common employees. They never wanted a war. They are just doing their job and earn enough money to pay their mortgage and to feed their children. The real thugs are the members of the board of directors of the Rabobank Nederland.


Board of directors of the Rabobank

Currently the following people are responsible for the Rabobank.

Capo di tutti capi Don Wiebe Draijer

Capo Don Bas Brouwers

Capo Donna Petra van Hoeken

Capo Donna Kirsten Konst

Capo Don Bart Leurs

Capo Donna Marielle Lichtenberg

Capo Don Berry Marttin

Capo Don Jan van Nieuwenhuizen

Capo Don Ieko Sevinga

Capo Donna Janine Vos



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