Systemic financial criminality


Paradise for financial criminality

The Netherlands is a paradise for financial criminality. Large financial corporations steal and rob as much as they want.

  • The Minister of Finance and the Dutch Central Bank should regulate these corporations, but they refuse to do so.

    After their 'tour-of-duty' in Dutch politics, former Ministers of Finance and members of parliament are rewarded by the financial corporations with very lucrative 'jobs'.

    The only thing they have to do in these 'jobs' is what they practiced when they were Minister or member of parliament: Just look away when you see financial crimes.

    For details see Is the Netherlands corrupt

  • The AFM (Authority Financial Markets) should prosecute them, but they refuse to accept complaints of citizens.

    AFM refuses to uphold the law


    The AFM should protect the European Consumer Rights when it comes to financial products sold to consumers, but they refuse to accept any complaints from consumers.

    1 December 2020 they wrote to me, that they refused to process my complaint about the Rabo bank, because I am only a victim and not an 'interested party'. They believe they can do that, because the Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht (Translation: General Law Governing Rights) give them the right to do so. That is what they claim.

    According to jurisprudence and verdicts of judges in the Netherlands, European agreements supersede Dutch laws. But you have to go to court before you can get a verdict in your case. In the Netherlands it is not easy to go to court and get a verdict.

  • The ACM (Authority Consumers and Market) should protect against abuse of power by cartels, but they behave like a criminal organization. Examples:

    • Supermarket corporations dictate the price that farmers get for their products. When a few farmers sit around a kitchen table and talk about a minimum price, they are fined by the ACM.

    • I filed a complaint against the cartel of banks and their severe abuse of power. The interest rates for credit in The Netherlands are more than FOUR times the rates of Germany!

      Here you can read their answer, when you can read Dutch. ACM refuses action against the cartel of banks

      The ACM stated, that I was a civilian and not an interested party. Citing the Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht (Translation: General Law Governing Rights) they refused to accept my complaint. This was a direct order of Staatssecretaris (deputy minister) Mona Keijzer from Economic Affairs.

      Civil servants are not allowed to do anything about the criminal activities of banks and other large financial corporations.



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10 Oct 2020 I asked the AFM:

  1. Order the Rabo bank to repay the money they have stolen from my bank account with interest manipulation, in accordance with European Consumer Rights.

  2. Give the Rabo bank the highest possible fine for interest manipulation.

    The Rabo bank is a notorious repeat offender. In the Libor affaire they settled in the USA for a billion dollar. In the Netherlands they continue with interest manipulation, supported by the entire political system of the Netherlands.

  3. Ask the OM (Public Prosecutors Office) to start a criminal case against the Rabo bankrobbers gang.

They refused to handle my complaints, because I am not an interested party according to their insidious 'General Law Governing Rights'.

Click to see scans of the official answer of the AFM

24 Sept 2019 I asked the ACM:

  1. Enforce the European Consumer Rights

  2. End the cartel of banks.

    • The interest rates for credit in the Netherlands are more than FOUR times higher than in Germany.

    • Bankers, the Dutch Central Bank and the Minister of Finance have made secret criminal agreements to force the Dutch consumers to pay for the credit crunch.


19 Nov. 2019 they wrote back:

Click to see scans of the official answer of the ACM

General Law Governing Rights


is an extremely insidious law of the Netherlands

Corrupt Ministers of finance


In this century, all Ministers of finance of the Netherlands refused to protect the people against criminal financial corporations. Every bit of decency has been sold or leased. The whole political system is rotted down to the core.


Grand theft since 1995

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