Video of shamanic ritual 1997


Video of shamanic ritual in workshop.

Spoken words are in Dutch.

Inviting or banishing

The ritual in this video can be used to invite spirit beings and to banish them, depending on your intention and visualization.

In the ritual I burn sage for purification. I keep it burning with the feather.

If you want to banish undesirable energy of spirits from your home, you can use a similar ritual. Honor the four directions and the four elements, mother Earth and Father Sky. Then walk or dance in circles around the room while chanting and visualize that your room becomes light and fill it with love and good intentions. 'Bad spirits' do not like love, light and good intentions. By changing the environment, you force the to leave. Nocturnal animals do not like bright light. And 'bad spirits' can't stand light, love and goodness.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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