1.1 Fella Blótspann

Corresponding card in Rider-Waite tarot: 1. Magician

1.1 Fella Blótspann


The picture:

An old man stands under an ash-tree. He wears a grey and spotted mantle and a hat with a wide brim. He has a long grey beard. His eyes are hidden by the hat, but a light shines from under his hat. He is barefooted. In his right hand he holds a spear, in his left hand a rune bar. Before him on the ground there is a white peace of leather with rune bars. Two ravens fly around his head. On the background you see an eight-legged horse and two giant wolves.


The man on the picture is Óðinn Runartýr, the lord of the runes. His spear is Gun-gnir. The two ravens are Hugin and Munin, his messengers. The wolves are Geri and Freki, his allies. And the horse is Sleipnir, the solar-horse. The Germanic solar-year had eight months. These months are the eight legs of Sleipnir.

There has been many misconceptions about Óðinn and his one eye. It is stated, that Óðinn hid his eye in Mímirs well. Since he has one eye, some interpretors thought that his other eye is sacrificed to Mímir. Óðinn is the sky-father. He only has one eye: the sun. Each night he hides this eye in the sea: Mímirs well. His mantle is the sky. Sometimes it is blue, sometimes grey and cloudy.


With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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